I Survived Bedbugs… And Soon You Too!

I Survived Bedbugs… And Soon You Too!

It all started on the first evening of our vacation abroad… We got bitten overnight despite our “5/5” mosquito repellent spray. No pot.

Was the spray perhaps expired? Maybe mosquitoes were smarter than the rest? Mystery.

In any case one thing is certain, I had two or three buttons on my legs while my best friend had his legs covered.

At the time, I laughed (the poor one), I even told him that he had to stop making cheesecakes because his blood must be too sweet!

The next day, his whole body was covered. He hadn’t slept all night, on the verge of madness from the itching .

We went to the doctor, the verdict was final “they are bedbugs sir. ”

I’ll skip the medical details, but I can assure you that he was on the verge of yelling at us “run away, poor fools” like Gandalf.

Panicked, we packed our things without further ado and slammed the door without looking back.

Except that of course, when we arrived in our new, beautiful, brand new hotel: we in turn contaminated the room. A certain vision of horror.

Except today I can laugh about it – and better write it to you – because it’s all behind me! Here are my tips for getting rid of bed bugs  :

How To Recognize Bedbugs (What Are The Symptoms)?

I am avoiding the mega disgusting photos that you might find on medical forums. (Btw, don’t make the same mistake we did, don’t go).

Only here, we must all the same approach the subject. A bed bug bite stings like a pin: tic tic tic. It also scratches a lot.

The pimples look like large, larger mosquito bites, but the pimples are not as bulging. It is especially your sheets that you have to watch.

Look inside your bed. Do you see any traces of blood  ? Little black pinheads? Bingo is the jackpot (or not).

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs When Returning From A Trip?

Do you have conflicting advice from your loved ones? When some simply tell you “but be quiet, a shot of spray and it starts again!” », The others answer you« burn everything and take a one-way ticket to Japan ».

OK, thanks. And you in all this? Our tips for eliminating bed bugs  :

Pack all your things in plastic bags (two superimposed being the ideal) which you close with tape.

The goal ? Make your belongings airtight. Your suitcase goes through the machine? Wash it at 60 degrees or 90 degrees (the hotter the better).

Your suitcase does not go through the machine? Throw it away and buy a cheap suitcase at the local market, souk, supermarket.

Be careful, you might find me weird while reading the rest of this article …

But, when you arrive home, undress completely on your doorstep (once your door is closed, report to the neighbors) and put your things in a plastic bag that you would have taken beforehand.

Yes, even your panties. Go take a shower and leave your suitcase in your hallway.

Once you’ve put on new clothes (bedbugs don’t get lodged in your hair, don’t worry), go to the laundromat. Wash all your clothes at a minimum of 60 degrees. If some clothes do not withstand shock … Too bad.

After washing, put your clothes in the dryer (maximum heat). Great for killing eggs. You can also finish by ironing them at a very high temperature!

Do you have clothes that do not go through the machine (leather jacket, bag, etc.)? There is only one solution: put them in the freezer. And more than a week eh! Bed bugs are very resistant (small garbage) and can last for days at a very low temperature.

How To Get Rid Of Bedbugs At Home (What Treatment)?

Bed bugs have landed on you. Mmmh nice. Don’t worry, you’ll get rid of it … Definitely.

Our advice? Use a bed bug extermination company . Only she can get rid of bed bugs, in every corner.

Note that a single bug can lay up to 200 eggs in a day … And heat (or a negative temperature) is the only way to get rid of it.

The noise-bombs are not effective enough. They are useful in addition to spray after the fact on your furniture and your sheets… That’s all.

How To Avoid Having Bed Bugs?

An advice ? Regularly spray your mattress, sofa, cushions with anti-bedbug product . Also invest in an anti-bedbug “tablet” to be placed between two slats.

>>> There you are, you know everything! Do not hesitate to share your experience with us in the comments. And above all… Courage: you are far from being the only one.


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