Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Permanently

In full resurgence, bed bugs are a scourge affecting all homes and especially places of passage (hotels, rentals, lodges, sleeper trains…). Getting rid of it completely and quickly is a real headache. However, there are measures to prevent an invasion of bedbugs and solutions to prevent their bites, which cause unbearable itching.


How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs ?

The bed bug is a plague that is making a comeback in France! Very difficult to eliminate, it colonizes mattresses and even dirty laundry, favoring hot areas near humans, from which it feeds. Prevention in this case becomes essential and, if it is already too late, it should be got rid of as soon as possible.

Presence Indices

It is not always easy to detect the presence of bedbugs, especially if there are few of them in the house and they are hiding. However, a few characteristics specific to this pest allow us to know if it has infested a home.

Note : bed bugs are absolutely not linked to a lack of hygiene in homes; they are therefore found in all types of housing, from the poorest to the most chic. Litter, unlike cockroaches , does not attract them at all. It is simply the heat and the presence of a warm-blooded host that is the reason for their development.

Preventive Measures

The bed bug is difficult to dislodge, it is best to prevent it from settling in your home. To do this, there are different methods of prevention.

Methods To Kill Bedbugs

Getting rid of bed bugs is very difficult; the process is often quite long. Insecticidal products available to the general public, even those labeled “against crawling insects”, all prove ineffective due to the increasing resistance of insects. A few targeted actions, however, make it possible to deal with this scourge.

There is also a repellent (therefore which does not eliminate bedbugs): pyrethrum, extracted from the chrysanthemum flower . Product of natural origin, it is able (if it is well dosed) to ward off pests overnight. Repeated before each bedtime, it can be of great help in preventing stings.

Good to know : having bed bugs at home is not a shame! All homes can be victims of an infestation. It is therefore advisable to promptly notify the neighborhood, the entourage (to whom to avoid going during the entire treatment period) and the hygiene service of the town hall. Bed bugs are a real public health problem.

All natural techniques against harmful insects in our dossier: ” Prevention and natural treatments against insects “.

What To Do To Treat Bed Bug Bites?

It is not always easy to recognize a bedbug bite. If in doubt, consulting a doctor can provide a diagnosis and reassure you about the consequences of these bites on health. They will most likely prescribe corticosteroid ointment to relieve the itching. Some antihistamines by mouth may also be more help to prevent allergy larger scale.

Certain actions can also soothe allergic reactions linked to bedbug bites.

The Bed Bug And How It Works

The bedbug, not always easy to spot in a home, can cause very annoying allergic reactions due to its bites. Understand everything about how it works to better fight it!

General Presentation

Note : since the 1990s, the bedbug has made a big comeback in human habitats (houses, lodges, hotels, night trains, etc.) that it invades more and more frequently, due to the increased mobility of individuals who, traveling from one place to another, carry them in their luggage, their clothes.

Life Cycle And Behavior

What Are The Risks For Humans?

Bedbugs are often mistakenly thought to transmit diseases. However, to this day, scientists say that it is not responsible for infections. However, bed bug bites cause very unpleasant reactions.

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