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Walmart’s Wrong Price Policy: What You Need to Know to Avoid Being Overcharged | Walmart Wrong Price Policy

The $20 Threshold

When a product is listed with the incorrect price at Walmart, customers are entitled to receive the difference back up to $20. This means that if you purchase an item that is priced at $10 more than it should be, you can get a refund for the difference. However, if the price discrepancy is greater than $20, the decision will be escalated and determined by the Walmart manager.

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Verification Process

On the occasion that the price difference is over the $20 threshold, you may need to show the advertised price or walk to the aisle with the store manager to show where you took the product from the shelf. This is to ensure that you are not attempting to take advantage of the system.

Amending the Price

The magical number is $20. If the price difference is less than $20, the team member in charge of the register can amend the pricing of the item. This means that you don’t need to go through the hassle of showing the advertised price or taking the store manager to the aisle.

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