Home Depot Christmas Trees 2022

Home Depot Christmas Trees 2022 (Types, Prices + More)

Home Depot has a selection of seasonal products available for customers to use in the Christmas season.

  • So if you’re looking to purchase a Christmas tree, you may be wondering – what types of Christmas trees does Home Depot sell? What I learned is this:
  • Home Depot Christmas trees in 2022
  • Home Depot has a number of Christmas trees available for sale. These range in price from $10 to $200 and size (from 5ft to 12ft) depending on the year. Home Depot is supplied with Christmas trees grown in North Carolina. Oregon. Michigan. Washington State.
  • Keep reading to discover more about Home Depot’s Christmas tree availability, what the price of real or artificial Christmas trees is, and other details.
  • Home Depot Christmas Trees 2022 (Types, Prices + More)

    When Does Home Depot Get Christmas Trees?

    Home Depot receives its stock of Christmas trees around November and December in time for the Christmas period.

    Local growers and suppliers are used to source Christmas trees.

    What Types of Christmas Trees Does Home Depot Sell?

    Home Depot has a huge selection of Christmas trees online as well.

  • Artificial Christmas Trees
  • Home Depot sells artificial Christmas trees in several shapes such as Pencil, Topiary (half), Full and Pencil. There are also more creative designs, like Corner, Upside-Down or Spiral.

    These are also available in a variety of colors including the traditional green and white, but also in bolder colours such as multi-coloured, metallic, blue, gold, pink and black.

    Home Depot will offer a wide range of lighting options for Christmas trees, such as LED, incandescent or fluorescent.

  • Christmas Trees Made from Real Materials
  • Home Depot specializes in selling real Christmas trees in its stores and online.

    Each Christmas tree type comes with a key feature to enable Home Depot customers to make the best selection of Christmas trees.

    Home Depot stocks a variety of Christmas trees, including the Black Tree Spruce (Colorado Blue Spruce), the Norway Spruce, and the White Spruce.

    Home Depot points out that some types of Spruces can hold heavier ornaments.

    Home Depot offers Fir Christmas Trees in a variety of sizes, including the Fraser Fir, Douglas Fir, Grand Fir and White/Concolor Fir.

    A pleasant fragrance is common in fir trees, and the needles can be shiny.

    Home Depot offers a variety of Pine Trees.

    Home Depot Christmas Trees 2022 (Types, Prices + More)

    Home Depot sells Balsam Hill Christmas Trees

    Home Depot stocks a variety of artificial Christmas trees but does not sell artificial Balsam Hill Christmas tree.

    Balsam Hill Christmas trees are non-allergic and flame retardant due to the synthetic materials they are made from, and can be purchased from the Balsam Hill website.

    Home Depot does, however, sell Balsam Fir Christmas trees in store in different sizes.

    How much do Christmas trees cost at Home Depot

    Prices for real and artificial Christmas trees vary by material size and shape.

  • Artificial Christmas Trees
  • Home Depot Christmas Trees are usually priced in the middle of $200 to $50.

    Home Depot also sells luxury artificial Christmas Trees starting from $10.

    Home Depot sells the Northlight 252″ Pre-Lit Giant Commercial Grade Artificial Christmas Tree for $17, 278.12.

    Home Depot’s top-selling artificial Christmas tree is:

  • Home Accents Holiday 7.5ft Jackson Noble Fir Christmas Tree (priced at $299)
  • Home Accents Holiday Long Needle Pine Christmas tree 7.5ft Wesley Long Needle (priced $149)
  • Christmas Trees made from real Christmas trees
  • Home Depot has real Christmas trees that are cheaper than artificial. This is because they tend not to last as well and you can get them for anywhere from $10 to $200.

    These are priced according to height. The most common sizes include 5ft-6ft-8ft-9ft-11ft, 12ft-12ft, and 13ft.

    Home Depot offers real Christmas trees for as little as $10. They can also cost up to $200 for locally grown Fir 7.5ft Christmas Trees.

    The top-selling real Christmas trees at Home Depot are:

  • Priced at $54.98, 7-8ft Live Balsam Fir Christmas Tree
  • Fraser Fir Christmas tree, Live Abies Fraser Fir 6-7 feet ($56.98).
  • Home Depot Christmas Trees 2022 (Types, Prices + More)

    Where Does Home Depot Get Christmas Trees?

    Home Depot works with tree suppliers, including local tree farms across the US and Canada in order to obtain Christmas trees for its stores and website.

    Home Depot is home to the largest number of suppliers for Christmas in North Carolina.

    How do I choose the right Christmas tree from Home Depot?

    Home Depot can help you pick the best Christmas tree according to your personal preferences.

    Consider the type, size and colour of your needles as well as whether they are hypoallergenic.

    For artificial Christmas trees, it is important to choose a style that is likely to be long lasting.

    Some artificial Christmas tree styles include lighting already included, which can be an excellent additional feature.

    Home Depot Christmas Trees 2022 (Types, Prices + More)

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