Pompeian Olive Oil Review

Pompeian Olive Oil Review


Photograph of an ancient Roman marble sculpture of Cleopatra VII's head as displayed at the Altes Museum in Berlin


Berlin Cleopatra

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Roman sculpture

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, mid-1st century BC (around the time of her visits to Rome in 46–44 BC), discovered in an Italian villa along the

Via Appia

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Altes Museum

in Germany.




[note 1]

Queen of the Ptolemaic Kingdom

51–30 BC (21 years)


Ptolemy XII Auletes
Ptolemy XV Caesarion

[note 2]

Early 69 BC



Ptolemaic Kingdom
10 August 30 BC

(aged 39)

[note 3]


Roman Egypt

Unlocated tomb

(probably in Egypt)
Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator


Ptolemy XII Auletes
Mother Presumably

Cleopatra VI Tryphaena

(also known as

Cleopatra V Tryphaena


[note 4]

Pompeian Olive Oil: Reviewed by Experts

Pompeian Olive Oil can be found in many places and is very affordable. What does this oil taste like? Here are the somewhat underwhelming results.

Pompeian olive oil is the number one brand on American grocery store shelves. They are available at all major retailers, including Target and Walmart. Its distinctive logo in red and green, along with its plastic bottle and tinted yellow bottles can help you spot it. Many labels include images of rolling olive fields or fresh olives. It will often be found near other large brands, such as Colavita, Bertolli, California Olive Ranch, and Colavita.

Pompeian olive oils are not fancy or artistic. However, they offer the opportunity to purchase extra virgin oil for a low price, typically $0.35 an ounce. Some olive oil producers can charge as high as $2-3 an ounce. Brightland Olive Oil, however, is around $37 per bottle.

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Of course, we all know that price doesn’t always equal quality. But what do you actually get for that extremely reasonable price? Below, we briefly explore the Pompeian’s history and quality standards, then dive into what’s most important how it tastes!

Pompeian Olive Oil – A century-old company with high standards. Signs look promising after doing some research on the company. The company has been in existence for more than 100 years. It was established in 1906. They started producing olive oils in Italy in order to sell it to the United States. This helped to satisfy the needs of growing Mediterranean communities. And today, the company works with a co-op of family farmers from around the world (including Morocco, Spain, Italy, Chile, Argentina, Greece, Turkey, Uruguay, Tunisia, and California) and prides itself on being 100% farmer-owned As far as quality control goes: The company conducts daily internal tests that exceed international standards in their Pompeian Quality Control and Research & Development Center , which opened in 2017. Many Pompeian olive oil also have the North American Olive Oil Association’s Certified Quality Seal. This certifies that olive oils meet the quality standards of the International Olive Council (IOC).

In addition, the American Heart Association certified 9 olive oil products as being heart-healthy for the company in March 2021. You can learn more about olive oils health benefits. What does Pompeian Olive Oil taste like?

A few years ago,’s Tasting Team evaluated three Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Walmart. Each of the oils came in green-hued plastic bottle:

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pompeian olive oil review

Pompeian Review

Pompeian got one less first-place voting than Goya. However, many tasters have mixed opinions about the oil in our Pompeian olive oils review. Those who loved the oil said it “smelled light” and had a very nice “olive taste,” with just a hint of the spiciness that was overpowering in some other cheap olive oils. Despite the fact that it was “not as extremely peppery,” something lingered after the bread went down, and some testers in our olive oil review found that aftertaste a little too bitter and “sting-y.” The oil is a solid all-around oil and can be used as an addition to grilled meats, saute pans, or for cooking.


Pompeian Oil is made from a mixture of different olive oils. This allows it to have the consistency that customers are used to. The company was founded in Italy but is headquartered in Baltimore since more than 100 years. It is the first oil producer to be certified by USDA for its quality and purity.

pompeian olive oil review

Cheap Olive Oil Taste Test

For our olive oil reviews, we asked for feedback from the five oils’ tasters on their appearances, flavors, and aftertaste. They did not identify the oils that they were tasting. The oil samples were placed in similar containers, labeled with A through E.

Colavita seemed to be the highest-priced brand and would likely win. To our delight, Goya won. It was described by tasters as having a mild lemon flavor with very little bitterness. Pompeian, which is a very cheap olive oil brand, was runner up.

Colavita is one oil among the five that came in the green bottles in our olive oil review. The others are in clear bottles. The Kitchn’s cooking blog explains that olive oil is affected by light. This did not affect the tasters because they couldn’t see the bottles. It is a good idea to decant olive oil purchased in bulk into small bottles and store the rest in the pantry. You should keep it out of direct heat.

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The olive oils that we tried were very much alike in appearance. Some testers thought the Trader Joe’s and Pompeian olive oils looked slightly greener, but otherwise all seemed to have the same golden hue.

What is Pompeian fake Olive oil?

They have all met high standards for authentic, cold-pressed EVOO. On the other hand, several olive oil manufacturers are known for making low-quality and fake oil. Below are some of the most dangerous companies in the sector: Pompeian. Nov 10, 2020

Is Pompeian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Real?

Pompeian’s family, which includes olive oil producers and artisans, has imported this extra virgin oil. It is the first time that it has been cold-pressed. To ensure the highest quality organic olive oil, we work closely with farmers.

Is Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Good For You?

a diet high in EVOO can significantly decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, inhibit “bad”? It can also lower cholesterol, prevent strokes, and help to reduce blood pressure.

Is Pompeian Olive Oil Healthy?

Use it for sauces, soups, salads, and dips. Olive oil is an essential component of a healthy Mediterranean diet. The oil has 10 grams of monounsaturated and cholesterol-free per tablespoon.

.Pompeian Olive Oil Review

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