Natural Balance Dog Food Review

Natural Balance Dog Food Review

natural balance dog food review

Natural Balance Dog Food Review – High Quality Ingredients to Your Golden Retriever

Dick Van Patten knew when Natural Balance was founded in 1989 that his pet food brands, with a limited number of ingredients, would deliver high quality food.

Natural Balance is a company that values the importance of finding low-calorie dry foods for dogs and pure balance dog food recipes that meet nutritional requirements was paramount.

Natural Balance Dog Food review proves that the product is as popular with customers as it was with its makers. The taste, the quality pet supplies, and the general service that Natural Balance Dog Food provides to its customers are second-to-none.

Let’s dive a little deeper into reviews of Natural Balance Dog Food to help you decide if this is the perfect fit for you and beloved pup or whether you should look at other pet food brands!

natural balance dog food review


Great Taste Dogs might be just as fussy as humans. Well put aside those picky eating fears when you purchase Natural Balance even the pickiest of eaters love this pet food! Customers all across the board report that their fur babies LOVE the taste of this delicious formula.

It’s over!

Picky eating is one thing. However, having sensitive stomachs as a puppy is quite another. If ingredients or formulas are not good, it can be very difficult for dogs to eat. Natural Balance Dog Food is proving to be an excellent choice for dogs with stomach problems.

These formulas work for any age and stage, so you can buy the puppy food or senior dog food! Your small dog will love the ability to chew food.

natural balance dog food review


Top Ingredient. Natural Balance has a wide range of formulas. After further examination, we found that potatoes are one of the most popular ingredients. They provide a lot of healthy carbohydrates. Problem: A potato does not have any nutritional value, so the quantity of top ingredients in formulas is irrelevant. The more potato used, the less nutritional value your pup is receiving.

Canola Oil Canola Oil is fine for human consumption, but canola oil has been controversial in the world of dog food. Most commonly, this oil is made from grapeseed.

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We rated the top 5 best natural balance dog food: reviews Natural Balance LID Limited Ingredient Diets Sweet Potato&Venison Formula Grain. This is the Best LID Diet. Dog owners often get overwhelmed by how many ingredients are listed on pet foods labels. Natural Balance LID Sweet potato & Venison formula Grain-Free is an exception. Due to the small amount of ingredients you can see what your pitbull is eating.

Key Features


natural balance dog food review

Ingredients Analysis

The most popular ingredient found in dog food formulas is potato.

Natural Balance Dog Food is loved by dogs, as evidenced by the reviews.

But potatoes have low nutritional values, so it shouldn’t be the first ingredient.

However, some ingredients may be more standard than others.

One example is duck meal. Fresh meat has a lower protein content than the formulas.

natural balance dog food review

Natural Balance L.I.D Limited – Limited Ingredient Diets

Easily the most popular option, the Limited Ingredient Diets has regularly hit top spots in lists for many years, now. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets are loved by vets and dog food reviewers consistently rank this product as the best dry dog food option.

Why? This pet food is affordable and offers many health benefits. This food is safe for dogs who have food allergies and can promote skin health. Dog owners will be able to maintain their dogs’ healthy weights with this food. Your dog will also enjoy a glossy coat and lots of energy.

This dog food is grain-free and uses no fillers, making it easier for a sensitive stomach to digest. Limited Ingredient Foods contain a lot of healthy carbs, as well as natural flavors and balanced nutrition. The pet food also contains plenty of animal protein. It is usually rich in omega fatty acids.

With all of this, packed into each bowl of good dog food, it’s no surprise that dog food reviews consistently rate this as one of their favorite Natural Balance recipes. You can trust your pet friend to find grain-free, limited-ingredient food.

natural balance dog food review

Natural Balance Dog Food Review: High Quality Pet Food at the Best Price?

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Dick Van Patten created Natural Balance dog food in Burbank California, in 1989. It was established with the goal of offering high-quality pet food that supports the nutritional needs for pets all their lives.

The company’s formulas are consistent with scientific principles, established nutritional facts and a large range of quality pet food products. This is a brand that has been trusted around the world.

This company uses only the highest-quality meats and proteins in their recipes as well as digestible carbohydrates, healthy fats, and nourishing fruits and vegetables.

For this brand, the health and safety of pets is always the priority and they want to show their love by feeding them the best that nature has to offer.

natural balance dog food review

Natural Balance Dog Foods: Reviewed

The brand has a variety of pet foods across many product lines. They generally do well in Natural Balance dog food reviews.

Though each product line is unique, they are all made with fresh, natural ingredients like premium animal proteins, healthy carbohydrates, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Image PRODUCT Wild Pursuit Formula

Grain-free dog food

Includes Freeze-Dried raw pieces

Complete, balanced nutrition to all life stages. High-Protein Pollock Formula

First ingredient

natural balance dog food review

Natural Balance Dog Food Reviews, Ingredients (Top 5 Flavors)

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Natural Balance reviews provide insight into 5 formulas to ensure your pet is happy and healthy.

While Natural Balance Dog Food has only been around a few years (since 1989 to be exact), this popular dog food brand has made a name for itself in the dog food industry. Natural Balance’s promise of food with sound nutritional facts and scientific principles was a strong foundation for their belief that it produces The Food for a Lifetime.

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They insist on sweet potatoes and pea proteins as ingredients to provide your pets with the necessary vitamins and minerals. We will be looking at Natural Balance Dog Food reviews to determine if this brand is right for you.

natural balance dog food review

Summary And Alternatives

Natural Balance Vegan food is undoubtedly the best vegan dog food.

It is made from high quality ingredients, and none are suspect. The best thing about this food is its affordability, which almost every dog loves.

You might also be interested in these 3 alternative options:

V-Dog Kinder Kibble – They’ve been making vegan dog food since 2005 and have a great reputation. You can eat this food without soy or grains. For a full review, check out my V-Dog Kinder Kibble Review.

Nature’s Recipe – The primary source of protein in the food is soybean meal. Some dogs love it, but a decent portion of dogs do not. This vegan food is also one of the most inexpensive, although it still has decent quality. You can see my Nature’s Recipe Healthy Vegetarian Recipe review Haloholistic Garden. This is a high-quality, yet expensive, food. Peas and chickpeas are the main sources of protein. It also has a low Glycemic Index, which can be a great thing if you have diabetes. You don’t need to know much else. Here is my Halo Holistic Garden Vegan Dog Food Review.

This review of Natural Balance Vegan Dog Food was helpful, I hope.

What Is Wrong With Natural Balance Dog Food?

Natural Balance dog food is safe. Natural Balance dog food does not contain any ingredients that can cause allergies in dogs. But Natural Balance dog food does not contain any grains and could cause stomach problems in dogs sensitive to carbohydrate highs.

Are Vets Recommending Natural Balance?

Natural Balance Dog Food is one of the rare dog foods that is loved by both pet owners and by the veterinarian.

.Natural Balance Dog Food Review

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