Reduce the number of mosquitoes in the environment

Reduce the number of mosquitoes in the environment is a good way to protect yourself from mosquito bites. This measure will prevent the transmission of certain diseases, including infection with West Nile virus (WNV). To reduce the number of mosquitoes in your home, a few simple measures can be adopted.

Measures to be adopted

Standing water, that is to say, not run or does not move, is an ideal environment for the breeding of mosquitoes that can carry WNV. To reduce the number of mosquitoes, eliminate standing water and keep your environment clean.

Eliminate standing water

Keep your environment clean


No larviciding is conducted by the Quebec government to control mosquitoes carry WNV. This decision is based on the fact that there is no formal evidence of the effectiveness of larvicides used alone to prevent human infections with WNV. The application of personal protective measures against mosquito bites is the best way to protect themselves.

Some municipalities of the larviciding to improve the quality of life of their citizens by reducing the presence of some mosquitoes. However, this spraying is not intended to prevent transmission of WNV.

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