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Recognize Bed Bugs And Prevent Infestation

Recognize bed bugs and prevent infestation


Bed bugs can have important consequences on the health and quality of life of people. Namely recognition is essential to act quickly to effectively prevent and control bed bug infestations

Recognize Bed Bugs And Prevent Infestation

Comparing the size of a bed bug and an apple seed (4-7 mm).

Recognize the bed bugs and their eggs

Bedbugs have the following characteristics:

Eggs of bed bugs have the following characteristics:

Detecting the presence of bed bugs

Bed bugs are active mainly at night. They live mainly in the bedroom. They avoid light and take shelter in dark places, narrow and inaccessible.

Some clues can detect the presence of bed bugs

Recognize Bed Bugs And Prevent Infestation

Bites bedbugs on a backing. Source: James Heilman, MD – Wikimedia Commons

Indices that may be on the skin:

Recognize Bed Bugs And Prevent Infestation

Grouping of bedbugs Source: A. L. Szalanski – Wikimedia Commons

Indices that may be in bed:

Hiding bedbugs

At the beginning of an infestation, bed bugs tend to hide close to where they feed. They are well hidden in the mattress and box spring, close to the person they are bitten while sleeping.

When the infestation becomes more important, bedbugs can disperse and hide elsewhere in the bedroom. They can then move into other rooms.

Examples of possible hiding places:

Knowing the propagation modes bedbugs

More infestation, the more bed bugs move in other rooms of the residence, and other housing.

Bed bugs can enter everywhere, even in the houses and the cleanest. They can travel in inaccessible places and very close such a gap the thickness of a credit card.

Bedbugs spread:

Prevent infestation of bed bugs

Here are some tips to prevent bed bug infestations

Avoid congestion

Avoid accumulating objects and let them hang out in your home. This reduces the number of places bed bugs can hide.

Inspect the used clothing that you purchase

Be careful when you purchase used clothing. Always take care to inspect. Carry them in a tightly closed bag, that is to say, so that nothing can escape or enter. Back home, treat the clothes according to the recommendations for treating textiles and objects.

Inspect the used items that you purchase

Do not take home items used in disrepair or abandoned on sidewalks, like mattresses, box springs, wooden furniture or upholstery. Bed bugs can infest these items.

If you do decide to take home one of these used items, inspect it carefully. Treat it with hot steam following the guidelines for treatment without dryer or washer. Place the mattress or box springs in a cover antipunaises after being treated with hot steam.

Prepare your move

Before choosing a moving company, learn of proposed measures for bedbugs

All your clothes, curtains, bedding and your mattress, furniture and other items should be placed in plastic bags sealed.

Close your cardboard boxes and block holes and cracks with large tape.

On moving day, inspect the truck before loading them your furniture and other effects. Make sure it has been cleaned (hot steam, vacuum cleaner, disinfectant) and above all, it is free of bugs.

If there were bedbugs in your old home and they have not been exterminated before departure, they can move with you. A new housing will not make them disappear.

With a flashlight, inspect the parts, especially the rooms, to see if there are bed bugs or eggs. Inspect all the hiding bedbugs

If you find bugs, immediately inform the owner who will call a certified exterminator.

Avoid applying insecticides yourself to try to get rid of bedbugs. This can affect your health and make them more difficult to eliminate bedbugs.

Follow the advice of site preparation before the extermination and for the treatment of textiles and objects.

Take precautions trip

When you go to the hotel, put your bags on luggage racks or in the bath. Avoid storing your clothes and personal belongings in drawers or placed on the floor or on the bed

Briefly inspect your room, especially your bed If you detect the presence of bedbugs in the room, on your clothes or elsewhere, put all your belongings in a plastic bag. Close it tightly and store your belongings in the bag until you were dealing. To treat your belongings, follow the recommendations to treat textiles and objects.

Inspect your luggage for the return trip

Upon your return, drop your bags on a hard surface such as the floor of the bathroom, the entrance or garage. Inspect them carefully.

If you suspect bed bugs, treat your suitcases and their contents by following the recommendations for treating textiles and objects.

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