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Recognize And Remove Mold In The House

Recognize and remove mold in the house

Molds are fungi invisible to the naked eye occur in nature. They are transported into houses by air currents, humans and pets. To grow, mold needs water and nutrient material such as gypsum board or cardboard. When they grow significantly, mold can cause health problems. To learn more about these issues, visit the health problems caused by mold.

Recognize the presence of mold

Recognize And Remove Mold In The House

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Molds are often found in damp and poorly ventilated.

They can grow almost everywhere in the house. Some signs indicate the presence of mold or excessive moisture:

Usually it is not necessary to analyze the air or surfaces to confirm the presence of mold. Indeed, when molds are visible and there are signs that their presence must instead make a thorough inspection of the home to find the cause and take appropriate measures to correct the situation. To learn how to clean a surface affected by mold, see Eliminate mold.

If you are a tenant or a landlord and you have found the presence of mold in a home, see Help and resources.

Tips for Identifying the possible causes

Avoid mold growth

Act quickly when water damage

The presence of standing water, water stains or water-soaked materials promotes mold growth.

Avoid having a moisture content too high in your home

The regular presence of condensation on windows or walls may indicate that the humidity is too high. To avoid increasing the indoor humidity:

ventilate properly

Eliminate mold

It is important to identify and correct any cause or accumulation of water infiltration as a broken pipe, flooding or sewer backups.

Clean surfaces affected immediately and discard damaged porous materials

Help and resources

Recognize And Remove Mold In The House

For tenants and landlords

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