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Recognize And Limit Ragweed

Recognize and limit ragweed

Pollen from ragweed is the main cause of seasonal rhinitis, which affects 1 Quebecers 5. The best way to reduce the effects of ragweed is to eliminate your environment. To get there, you can:

Tear or mowing ragweed

On small plots, such as residential, it is best to pull ragweed soon as you see it. You can uprooting:

On the grounds of larger dimensions, you can mow the plant with a lawnmower. For best results, mow ragweed 2 times a year, in mid-July and mid-August in order to minimize the amount of pollen that is released.

The pulling and mowing are two quick and effective methods to remove ragweed your field.

You can throw the plants torn or cut with garbage. It is not recommended to put them in the compost because ragweed seeds can contaminate it.

Prevent the grass to grow lice

Ragweed grows in difficulty provided fertile lawns. To limit the presence of ragweed, you can:

You can consult a counselor at a garden center to find the most suitable products to prevent the grass to grow lice on your land.

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