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Origins Of Bed Bugs: Where Do These Critters?

Origins of bed bugs: where do these critters?

Origins Of Bed Bugs: Where Do These Critters?

You have bed bugs in your home? And you wonder how these critters got there? Knowing the true origins of bed bugs you can better protect yourself against them.

Upstream, it should be noted that bedbugs are attracted to human blood. This is indeed food. We must therefore remove the head that these critters are attracted to dirt and lack of hygiene. In other words, it is possible that a house perfectly clean home bedbugs

Origins of bed bugs


First, the hotels are the first sources of bedbugs In other words, any establishment offering rooms can be origins of bed bugs It is thus necessary, when traveling, thoroughly inspect your hotel room before you install. If you notice the presence of bedbugs, ask for another room or change hotels.

The opportunity for furniture

In your home, the used furniture is also the origins of bed bugs Yet most people are not aware of this risk. So before you bring a mattress or a second hand bed frame home, you will need to make a thorough inspection. This also applies to the carpet, chair, couch, etc.


According to some accounts, bedbugs have managed today to infest trains, subways and even my airplanes. By cons, there is no precise statistics proving the seriousness of the situation.

How come they bed bugs in your home?

Bedbugs do not attach to their host, as do chips for example. So you may be wondering how they arrive home.

Your luggage is the first real means of transport of these parasites. Bed bugs creep into your clothes and your business. Thus these creatures move from hotel to you. These are real traveler.

You must well know how to avoid bed bugs to keep your home clean and healthy.

If these bugs manage to enter your home, do not hesitate to contact our team of professionals.

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