Bedbug: Invasion, Bite, How To Get Rid Of It?

BEDBACK – As bed bugs increasingly invade our homes, the government has launched a plan to fight and eradicate this little beast. How to recognize it and avoid it? What to do in the event of a bite? What solutions to get rid of it?

Bedbug: Invasion, Bite, How To Get Rid Of It?

[Updated February 24, 2019 at 9:07 am] Bedbugs continue to wreak  havoc in France. If these little animals had disappeared in the 1950s, they have been back for a few years. there were no less than 400,000 French homes infested last year. They are taking hold everywhere and are difficult to eradicate. It is necessary to be careful not to bring it home. Faced with the resurgence of bedbugs in our homes, the Ministry of Housing is taking action and launching its plan to permanently eliminate them and inform the population about this pest.

As soon as you suspect the presence of a bed flea, that you see a small red itchy pimple appear, do not wait to take charge of the situation, and thus avoid an infestation! There are solutions to eliminate bedbugs, but it can be restrictive and require you to leave your home while the treatment is taking place. We tell you all about these little animals.


Everything You Need To Know About Bed Bugs: Detect Them, Eradicate Them, Avoid Them

How To Recognize And Know If You Are Infested With Bedbugs?

How to recognize the bedbug? She is not easily identified during the day, she prefers the dark. The size of the bedbug is small, it measures between 5 and 8 mm. It is brown in color, and looks a bit like a lentil or an apple seed. If you think you might be infested after seeing bedbug pimples, but can’t see them, you can still recognize their presence by checking your mattress. You will then find small black dots that correspond to their droppings as well as traces of blood due to the bites. You might even find empty shells on the ground as they molt multiple times.

Bedbug: Invasion, Bite, How To Get Rid Of It?

Bed Flea Invasion In Paris

Bed bugs are a real plague in Paris, they spread at breakneck speed. In a very short time, they infested Parisian apartments, and even MK2 cinemas which had to close to be treated. You should know that the Paris town hall does not intervene in your home to treat bedbugs, unless you are in a precarious situation. How to get rid of bed bugs in Paris? You can first try the mechanical treatment yourself and if this does not work, you will have to contact your landlord if you are a tenant of social housing, or contact a company specializing in pest control directly if you are an owner or tenant of private accommodation.

What To Do In Case Of A Pimple And Bedbug Bite?

Bedbugs love to bite humans and animals for food. If you are invaded by this little insect, you may quickly be covered in bites. How to recognize a bedbug bite? You will usually find several pimples in a straight line in the same area of ​​your body. The bite may be almost invisible on some people. On the other hand, other people will experience an allergic reaction with the formation of a kind of itchy pimple. If you are concerned, then you can use a corticosteroid cream for a few days to soothe the itch. Don’t worry, bed bugs are not dangerous, they are not vectors of disease.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs ?

What to do when you are infested with bed bugs? You have to go in stages and be very methodical. You may have to leave your accommodation for a few days. Start by treating the infested room by carefully vacuuming every nook and cranny of the room, not forgetting the baseboards and small gaps. After vacuuming, clean it well, seal the bag and throw it away so it doesn’t contaminate another room. Then wash all your bed linen, but also your clothes at 60 ° C. For delicate linens, put them in the freezer for at least 72 hours, this will kill bedbugs. And finally, rent a steamer and do a great steam cleaning at 110 ° C of the whole room. Renew the

Bedbug: Invasion, Bite, How To Get Rid Of It?

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What Treatment Or Insecticide Is Effective Against Bedbugs?

Sometimes a big house and laundry cleaning won’t be enough against bed bugs as they can be tough. In this case, it will be necessary to proceed to a chemical treatment and to resort to an insecticide using a disinfection company. She will then proceed to two chemical treatments, 15 days apart, using permethrin or synthetic pyrethroids. You will have to leave your home for the duration of this treatment. You will then have to leave your accommodation for the duration of the treatment and pets will not be able to return to the treated place before 24 hours.

How Do Bed Bugs Get To Our Home?

First of all, it is important to know that the bedbug has not taken root in your home because of a cleanliness problem. Even if your accommodation is very clean, they can come there. A bed bug is where there are humans. There are many reasons for the presence of bed fleas in your home:


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To avoid bringing them home, be sure to look at reviews before going to a hotel and inspect the room you are staying in. Always at the hotel, do not put your luggage on the bed, leave it on the floor. Inspect the furniture you buy used, and disinfect it before installing it in your home.

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