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How To Kill Bed Bugs?

How to kill bed bugs?

How To Kill Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are insects that can cause itching, sleeplessness or bad odors. What’s worse is that they make your days and nights especially your unbearable, especially for sleepers. In addition, bedbugs bites can cause small red spots visible on the skin. So how to kill bed bugs once and for all?

Everyone will tell you exterminate bed bugs is not an easy task. Yet there are simple and practical methods.

Some tips to kill bed bugs:

If the invasion of bed bugs is still very serious, there are some methods you can make yourself.

– Lower the room temperature

In fact, bed bugs prefer warm and dry places. So a little bit of cold would be an effective practice to eliminate them. In any case, this will slow down with certainty reproduction.

So, place your belongings, like your bedding in an airtight plastic bag. Then place all in a freezer at -7 ° C for 6 days or at -18 ° C for 3 days. This will completely eradicate bed bugs that are installed there.

– Use heat to kill bed bugs

Although bed bugs like heat, these insects do not tolerate temperatures exceeding 65 ° C. Thus, a steam cleaner will do the trick to completely exterminate a colony of these insects.

– Clean your furniture and accessories lying next to the bed

To completely eradicate bed bugs, you need to make sure there are more where these bugs can hide. These include furniture joints, curtains, carpets, walls, etc.

– Apply at the feet of your furniture products such as Vaseline or tape

Bedbugs can not fly. In addition, these insects and smooth surfaces are not in very good term. Thus, to prevent them from climbing into your bed, apply petroleum jelly or duct tape over your furniture legs.

For cons, the best way to kill bed bugs is to hire a professional exterminating these insects. This way you guarantee a 100% efficiency. Especially if the infestation is at an advanced stage.

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