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Food Moths: How To Get Rid?

Food Moths: How To Get Rid of Food Moths ?

At first glance, they look like moths. Yet food moths have nothing graceful. Rather, we must eradicate your kitchen for fear of being the victim of an invasion. Our natural methods to get rid of.

Food Moths: How To Get Rid?

If you see moths fly species in our kitchen, caution! It could well be the famous food moths. These voracious little creatures attack the flour, pasta, rice, oats, quinoa, sugar, chocolate, dried fruit … This is a different species of mites attacking clothing. Like their cousins, food moths should not interfere in your home. Indeed, when they contaminate food, they are unfit for consumption. More reason to open your eyes! Especially since they reproduce at high speed.

In case of invasion by food moths

The first reaction is unfortunately to throw all the foods that are in bags / containers without caps, checking also that the bags closed have not been attacked. Be careful to lay the unfit food in a trash bag that you close carefully. Then clean all your cupboards with white vinegar added a few drops of essential oil (tea tree, lemon, thyme) not forgetting the corners. Another tip: if you have a doubt about the disappearance of moths, buy traps. It is soaked plates pheromones. Males are attracted to it and stick it. The female can not be fertilized, then there will be no eggs and therefore invasion. These traps can are sold in some health food stores.

Preventing the invasion of food moths

Once you got rid of food moths, always put your risk foods in airtight boxes, especially in summer. For sugar, for example, do not leave it in its carton. Opt also for a jar or airtight container. If in doubt, put your food in the freezer, which will kill the eggs. Good news, there are also natural repellents, including: bay leaf (to put in your food jars), garlic, cloves or lavender essential oil (broadcasting in your kitchen) . Remember to put salt in your jars of rice or pasta. Finally, once you find whitish worms, know that it is indeed the food moth larvae. We throw all the food, and a thorough inspection of your closet is a must!

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