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How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches?

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches?

Among the invasive animals that can be found in a house, cockroaches are among the most annoying insects. As soon as one of them pointing the tip of his nose, it’s panic! And because these ugly beasts reproduce at full speed. How to eradicate cockroaches without polluting the inside? Explanations.

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches?

We must know: cockroaches are nocturnal and gregarious, that is to say, they live in colonies. Also, if you find one in your home, there’s a safe bet that he is not alone. It is then necessary to act fast.

Getting rid of cockroaches naturally

As for food moths, the first instinct is to thoroughly clean your kitchen with white vinegar, supplemented with essential tea tree oil or lemon: closets, shelves, refrigerator, countertops, floors, tiles (possibly the walls) and as appliances that may contain traces of fat. Remember the back of the refrigerator: the cup that collects the condensate just above the engine is a boon for cockroaches. The water is hot and more or less stagnant, it’s dark and nobody bothers them. On some models of refrigerators, this cup is not apparent, but it must still be processed. In fact, cockroaches are crazy hot and humid places. They are also attracted to water and food of all kinds. Also think of your bathroom! Also be sure to throw away any food remnants remained in the open air as well as foods that may have been contaminated by placing them in bags closed bins. The ideal is to put these bins in the freezer to eradicate cockroaches and their eggs. Namely, the cockroaches are fond of pet foods and onions. Tip: for more efficiency, use a steam-cleaner, with white vinegar and a few drops of essential oil. After cleaning / disinfecting every corner, Draw your vacuum cleaner and thoroughly vacuum the sensitive parts (bathroom and kitchen) to get rid of any cockroach eggs and discard the vacuum bag in a well closed container.

Make traps for cockroaches

Next Step: Place traps or defect, build-in. Place the bottom of empty cans (tin of tuna, for example) Vaseline and food scraps. Once cockroaches attracted to the food, they remain stuck in the box. Another trap cockroaches: diatomaceous earth. This is a totally natural insecticide. In a container, place a background of 2 cm diatomaceous earth and add to the center of the food, such as a piece of meat or cheese, coffee grounds, sugar … And now, a trap for cockroaches … deadly! Finally, as for ants, baking soda is effective, provided in place in strategic places (on both preventive and “curative”). Cockroaches who eat, dehydrate and die.

Prevent an invasion of cockroaches

Once you’ve wiped your cockroach colony, everything must be done to prevent these undesirable invite themselves back home. If you have pets and you leave food in their bowls “self-service”, put these in a bowl with a little soapy water to repel cockroaches. Your accommodation tends to be wet? Invest in moisture absorbers, otherwise it’s a safe bet that your worst enemies will come back! Think also of natural repellents such as lemon eucalyptus essential oil and lavender. Pour a few drops on a cotton or paper and place them in strategic places, hot and humid (under the sink, in the bathroom, near the fridge …). In winter, remember to regularly ventilate your home because cockroaches can not stand the cold. For the rest, this is classic rules for other insects regularly clean work plan, do not leave food scraps or water stagnate, store food in airtight containers, throw his trash in bags closed. Finally, if you have a cat at home, rejoice! It would be very effective to scare away cockroaches.

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