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How To Get Rid of Bedbugs?

How To Get Rid of Bedbugs?

Worse than cockroaches and lice, bedbugs here! Microscopic, they multiply at breakneck speed, causing pitting and itching. There is no time to lose if you really want to get rid of bed bugs

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Where are bed bugs?

Think bedbugs only develop in dirty places, poorly maintained or are the prerogative of youth hostels and campsites? Wrong! Even the most luxurious hotels, as was the case in New York, can be bedbug invasion victims Hygiene is not involved. Just a customer brings with him a female or eggs. And very quickly, it’s the invasion! Explanation: each female expels 250 to 500 eggs. Feeding on human blood, these nasty critters enjoy your sleep to attack you and sting you, but you start to feel anything instantly.

Namely: bed bugs hate light and are found in many public places: station, cinema, aircraft, changing room, boat …

The symptoms of bed bugs

Initially, bed bugs can go unnoticed and be limited to a few bites, and link it to mosquito bites or spider. But when the invasion began, strictly speaking, you notice your skin pitting regular lines. Often, the skin is red, swollen and itchy you. But the most obvious symptom remains the traces of blood left in the bed when the bed bugs, swollen with blood, are crushed. As for the tiny eggs, they are white, oval and measure a few millimeters in size.

Namely: if strong invasion, a pungent odor emerges. Good news however, bed bugs do not transmit disease to humans.

Naturally get rid of bed bugs

Bedbugs do not like extreme temperatures: hot and cold. First, inspect ALL corners of your room and your house, not omitting anything: carpets, curtains, furniture, mattress seams, clothes, books, carpets, drawers, baseboards, cracks, wallpaper, cushions, cracks, soft toys, door frames, tables and even electrical outlets! Having confined the room, placing scotches on all entry and exit points, it sucks all meticulously every corner. then closed the bag tightly. In winter, the heater temperature down to limit proliferation. In summer, you turn the air conditioning if it has one.

The steam, anti-bugs weapon of choice in the house

Emilie, traveler, has tested everything. For her, the most effective method to get rid of bed bugs in the couch was the steam-cleaner. From 60 ° C, bedbugs and their eggs are eradicated. It does not hesitate to praise the pro equipment, with specific tips for treating corners difficult to access. Practice, the steam will not damage most surfaces. We can even add a few drops of essential oil of tea tree, known for its disinfectant properties.

The washer / dryer to eradicate bugs textiles

Beforehand, we store everything that is machine washable in airtight bags. Then, a cycle is started at 60 or even better, 90 ° C for all the textiles that support. It does not hesitate to replace the usual softener by white vinegar and ends with a complete cycle in the dryer (30 to 45 min).

Ironing to textiles without bedbugs

For textiles such as clothing, curtains, duvet, sheets, eradication mission is completed through the ironing, as hot as possible.

The cold, natural weapon against bedbugs

If the invasion takes place in winter, in a particularly cold area, place everything that is infested outside, taking care not to shake or scatter the bugs before. Attention must it freezes for several days for the cold kills bedbugs

Another option: placing the objects in the freezer for 3 days at -18 ° C, having taken care in advance of the pack.

Treating bed bugs with diatomaceous earth

Good news grandmother remedy contains deadly particles for bedbugs Once you have machine washed or steam all infested items, we place a cup under each foot bed and there deposits of diatomaceous earth. Attention for efficient decontamination, your bed should not be against the wall and the sheets must not touch the ground. Also sprinkle diatomaceous earth on his mattress, box spring and corners infested parts. Remember the folds of mattresses and rugs, carpet …

Finally, sprinkle in as inside wall outlets, after removing the protective cover.

Advantage of this natural insecticide: it acts preventive and curative.

Chemical treatment of bed bugs

Insecticides are used to eradicate bedbugs Some experts advise to combine natural and chemical methods. This is often aerosol spray in the infested room. For smaller objects, the procedure is to place them in airtight bags and spray insecticide before resealing the bag. Take advice from a specialist before opting for chemical processing, and think of the consequences for your children, pets and plants …

Have a professional to exterminate bedbugs

You have very little time, children at home or fear of not able to control the invasion of bugs? Call a professional to act quickly and effectively. In principle, two interventions are needed. We prefer companies that have ministerial approval.

Invasion of bed bugs: 3 Reflex ban

Preventive treatments against bedbugs

There are also preventive treatments to prevent further invasion. They come in, usually in the form of aerosol or repulsive wafers to be disposed between the mattress and box spring.

If you opt for natural methods, time is sprinkled in times of diatomaceous earth and using anti-bed bugs special covers for bedding.

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