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How To Get Rid Of Ants?

How to get rid of ants?

In your house or in the garden, the ants can do much havoc. How to get rid of without resorting to toxic products? It tells you all …

How To Get Rid Of Ants?

The provided are not harmful beings except when they attack our house or our garden. And there, they can do great damage. Before chopping toxic insecticides, we try natural methods to get rid of ants. Explanations …

Prevent colonization ants in the house

How To Get Rid Of Ants?

Prevention is key. So if evil is not done (especially in the house), you take a few precautionary rules. As a priority, make sure your doors and windows are properly sealed to prevent ants make their way and you come to colonize. Pay special attention to cracks in walls … In the kitchen, although we close all that is sweet. Indeed, the ants (like us) are greedy and are attracted to sugar. Finally (and in general), in the kitchen: do not let waste drag. Yes, the ants do not resist the remains of food they will transport to feed.

Among the natural repellents, there lemon (juice spray or sliced), fresh mint, basil, bay leaf sauce or camphor. To have (or planting) in strategic locations. If you like essential oils, ready to spray, mix 5 drops of essential oil of lavender and 10 drops of peppermint oil. Add in 1/4 liter of alcohol at 40 ° and spray on areas frequented by ants.

A chalk line could also halt their advance. Optional: make a thick line with chalk around the door and window frames or form one with pepper, cayenne pepper, flour, sodium bicarbonate or wet coffee grounds. As many grandmothers tips that have been proven to drive away ants.

Every day, wash your floors to “real” black soap to prevent the invasion of ants.

Prevent colonization ants in the garden

If ants tend to climb on your potted plants, think also to draw a big thick line of chalk to the ground, around the pots. That should stop their progress. At the base of your roses, place half a lemon squeezed and musty (yes). A renewed regularly.

Getting rid of ants in the house

First natural method: leave small piles (including salt / sugar or cornstarch) in strategic points. One method would be effective in eradicating an anthill. Know that the coffee grounds are also poisonous to ants. Arrange around in the nest or in the places they invaded. Be particularly vigilant (e) if the ants prey on your frame. You will have to think of more aggressive techniques such as glue tubes and even enlist the help of a specialist.

Getting rid of ants in the garden

The most effective method is to pour boiling water on the nest, to which you add dishwashing liquid (preferably organic), and even a few drops of citrus essential to deter a possible next colony. Boiled and / or sticky, ants will not bother you. Another alternative: pay a good amount of wine vinegar with lemon juice directly on the anthill. Warning, if it rains, remember to repeat the operation. Finally, remember that ants are aphid predators. So, in your garden, you first attack aphids (and you will, as a result, fewer ants). The most natural method? Disseminate ladybugs, very fond of aphids. Or failing that, pour water and soap black aphids to eradicate them.

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