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How To Detect Bed Bugs?

How to detect bed bugs?

How To Detect Bed Bugs?

Bedbugs are embarrassing bugs, especially for sleepers. Because they sting and make unlivable nights. By cons, it has never been proven that these critters are vectors of any disease, but they are still a public health problem. Thus, it is necessary to eradicate them. But first you need to know to detect bed bugs

How to recognize bed bugs?

First, note that bed bugs are visible to the naked eye. They have about 4 to 7 mm in length. In general, they are brown, but this varies from red to dark brown when they are engorged.

Their mode of travel is done at the speed of an ant. With that, it should be noted that these bugs do not fly and do not jump.

Detect Bed Bugs

Generally, bed bugs are found in the bedroom. These critters do not especially like the light. So they prefer dark places, narrow and inaccessible.

Here are some signs that could allow you to detect bed bugs:

– Red spots on the skin

When bed bugs bite, they cause tasks similar to mosquito bites. The red spots often appear on the skin left uncovered during sleep.

In general, the first bites are grouped or aligned. By cons, if the place is severely infested, they can spread all over the body.

– Black spots on the bed

The presence of bed bugs can be linked to black spots on the bed These tasks come from the feces of bedbugs.

You can also detect bed bugs by the presence of live or dead bedbugs in the bed


In general, if you want to examine your house and detect bed bugs, the place to check is your bed By cons, if the invasion of bed bugs is bad, they can be found everywhere in your house: the bed, furniture, clothes, bags, carpets, curtains, cracks on the walls, etc. In this case, you will not have to wait, it must be an effective treatment. Call a professional to eradicate.

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