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How To Avoid Bed Bugs?

How to avoid bed bugs?

How To Avoid Bed Bugs?

Having bedbugs home is a really embarrassing situation. In addition, these bugs affect the comfort and decoration of the apartment. It is therefore necessary to find how to prevent bed bugs to prevent the invasion of your home.

Indeed, if you do not pay attention, bedbugs can infect all parts of your house starting from the sommelier to movable even on the walls.

3 practical methods to prevent bed bugs

1. Protect your home

If you want to avoid bed bugs, you will start cleaning at home. These include surface of your mattress, box springs, sheets, pillows, blankets, furniture, etc. every day, you should perform this action once a day.

In addition, if there are cracked surfaces on your bed or your walls, you will also need to vacuum these places. Then you have the butcher. Indeed, given the size of the cracks, bedbugs can hide there.

Moreover, you will also pass your clothes at a temperature above 60 ° C. This action will eliminate the bed bugs that have managed to hold on to your clothes.

2. Beware of used furniture

The opportunity of furniture can also be the source of these critters home. So to avoid bed bugs, do not directly use the furniture. Upstream, inspect them from top to bottom. And even if you have not found a sign of infection, the best solution is to disinfect.

3. Pay attention during your stays in hotels

When you travel and you will have to stay in a hotel, avoid at all costs to put your luggage on the bed Prefer rather slippery surfaces, such as the bathroom. Why ? Bedbugs are struggling to move on slippery surfaces. So, putting your luggage in those places you can already avoid bed bugs in your luggage.

Also, if you see that your room is infected with bedbugs, do not hesitate to ask reception for another room. With that, it should be noted that the reddish brown stains on the walls and in the corners of the bed are bed bug infection signs

Finally, if your home ever been infected with these critters, call our dedicated team. The latter may establish an effective plan to get rid of these bedbugs

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