What Are The 7 Best Natural Treatments For Bedbugs?


In order to be able to get rid of the bedbug, there are several kinds of treatments. But products based on chemical substances are not recommended at first because they can be harmful to your health. You can find many natural solutions to exterminate bed bugs. I offer 7 natural treatments against bedbugs.

-Do a good house cleaning  : having a clean and tidy house helps prevent the spread of bed bugs because they are able to get everywhere. Being very difficult to spot, it is therefore preferable not to bring them into your home. During a big cleaning, you must wash the sheets, pillows, bolsters at the highest possible temperature in order to kill all the cimex. For textiles that cannot withstand high temperatures, simply put them in the freezer because it is radical to eliminate the bedbug.
Vacuum every nook and cranny of your home and if you can use a steam cleaner. It is important to vacuum well on carpets, rugs, between baseboards etc. because these little insects love to hide there.

– Essential oils can also be a good natural solution to get rid of bedbugs. There are many, such as the essential oil of lavender, neem, lemongrass, peppermint, clove, etc. Just mix the essential oils with water and spray it all over your rooms. However, this method is used to repel bedbugs and not to kill them.
-Diatomaceous earth is an excellent natural insecticide against bedbugs. This white powder will allow you to exterminate all the bugs present in your house. You just have to put it in specific places like the foot of the bed, in corners, etc. You can also read our article on diatomaceous earth.

– Plug all holes , cracks or the like so that bed bugs cannot enter your home. For this, you can use putty to fill these holes.

-Put on an anti-bug bed cover . Properly protecting your box spring and mattress is an effective way to avoid getting bitten during the night. Thanks to this protective cover, bed bugs will gradually die because they will no longer have anything to eat.

– Pyrethrum is a powder obtained from Dalmatian chrysanthemum. This natural product is a very powerful insecticide which has a healing and repellent effect on bed bugs. You can buy them in aerosol, spray or powder. Depending on the case, it is often advisable to mix the three methods to have greater effectiveness against cimex lectularius.

– Vaseline is another natural method of repelling bedbugs. Just coat the feet of the bed with petroleum jelly to prevent insects from climbing into them. This treatment is more repellent than curative. Also remember not to stick your bed against a wall because otherwise the bedbug can climb there.

– Isopropyl alcohol or isopropanol can scare away bedbugs because they hate the strong acid smell of isopropanol. You can use a vaporizer to diffuse it in all your rooms. Remember to ventilate the room and in particular the bedroom after use. Do this weekly and the bedbugs will disappear from your home.

Bedbug Button: What Does It Look Like?

First of all, you should know that in most cases, the bedbug bites at night unless it is really hungry for food. In addition, buttons are found on certain parts of the body which may be the arms, back, neck, legs, stomach . You will never have a single pimple but actually a cluster of pimples because the bedbug bites several times.
Some people do not feel anything and especially they have no reaction when they are stung by a cimex. While others end up with bed bug pimples that are red and swollen. Also, the cimex pimples will itch a lot but again that depends on the individual being bitten. The bedbug pimple is a small red skin contusion that measures between 5mm and 2cm with a red dot in the middle or a blister with clear liquid.

Why Do You Get Bed Bug Pimples?

Bed bugs bite you during your sleep to suck your blood because without it she cannot live. The bed bug pierces your skin twice, in a small hole it injects you with an anesthetic and an anticoagulant then through the other small hole, the bug sucks your blood. Thanks to this liquid that it injects into our body, we feel absolutely nothing and the insect can then suck all the blood it wants. Usually, your cimex will swallow blood for about 10 minutes until the product it injects you no longer works.

What Can Be The Different Reactions To Bed Bug Pimples?

The reactions to bedbug pimples are not at all the same from one person to another because some people are allergic and others are not.
However, you can have severe itching and in some cases generalized hives. The problem is that it can sometimes take around ten days to feel the first symptoms. Some people have bullous rashes and very rarely see anaphylaxis or an asthmatic reaction. In addition, individuals may experience loss of sleep often accompanied by psychological distress following these pimples. If you have a lot of breakouts, it is possible to get anemia. It is also not uncommon to get a superinfection with the development of impetigo.

What Is The Treatment For Cimex Lectularius Pimples?

Depending on the case, the doctor may prescribe antihistamines and ointments based on corticosteroids or with calamine. A cream with cortisol is very often recommended to treat bedbug pimples topically. But the most important thing is to wash the buttons first with soapy water. You can also put ice cubes to soothe the itching and so that the pimples do not swell.
There are also various natural remedies or grandmother’s treatments to ease the pain.

You can rub the pimple with a peel or a piece of banana because this fruit has nutrients and also a natural oil that has analgesic properties.

Baking soda mixed in water is very effective. You will get a paste that must be applied to the pimples. Leave on for a few hours before rinsing well.

Lemon juice is known to have astringent, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It is very often used in skin problems like acne or hives. Just mix lemon juice with St. John’s Wort and apply it on the pimples.

Toothpaste is also a good way to relieve pain and itching. It promotes healing and stops inflammation. It is enough to apply it on the different buttons after having cleaned them well.

The Solution To Eradicate Bed Bugs.

Although you can find many products on the market to combat bedbugs, it is best to let a pest control specialist take care of them. Bedbugs only come out at night, except in certain cases, they are very hard to fight and only a specialized company will be able to effectively treat your cimex problem. Being professionals, we bring you a real solution to exterminate all the bedbugs that are present in your home. In addition, we put in place a preventive treatment so that the bedbugs do not come back. Contact us quickly if you have any doubts about the presence of bedbugs.

A Pest Control Company

With these different natural products, you can effectively scare away or kill bed bugs in your home. However, you should know that these insects are quite formidable and they have a strong adaptability. If after using different natural products you still have bedbugs, contact a pest control company. We will be able to bring you the best possible solution to exterminate all the bugs as well as the eggs to be able to find a healthy home. Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information requests.mites?

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