Bedbugs, How To Get Rid Of Them?

The bedbug has long been a bad memory, an exotic insect that we saw more often when traveling than at home. But the globalization of travel means that since 2012, it is really present in France , without any link with the cleanliness of the place.

His bedbug thing is human blood. She only eats that and then she will lay, a lot of eggs. A single female hanging from a cloth or a soft toy can initiate an infestation. So before you get overwhelmed and have to call a professional, find out how to get rid of bed bugs.

How Do You Know If You Have Bedbugs?

It is important before you do anything to make sure that they are really bedbugs and not fleas or other insects. The common point between the two is the type of pimple that we have on the body: 3 to 5 pimples, almost in line.

On the other hand, the bed bug feeds only at night . And she doesn’t slip into the pajamas, unlike the flea, so it stings on the feet, face, neck, hands and possibly arms and legs if they are bare.

Finally, take a look around the bed to find the eggs . They are whitish and they are gathered in clusters in dark areas. Nearby you should find remains of droppings and moults, i.e. traces of a dark brown color.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs ?

It is necessary to undertake the treatment in one and only time to avoid the spreading of the bedbugs and therefore the spread of the infestation.

What Material To Kill Bedbugs?

On the beginning of an infestation, it is possible to try without any insecticide. But if the bedbugs are numerous, you might as well get help from a product that has been proven, especially since there are ecological alternatives.

In any case you need a vacuum cleaner (with a bag is better, but not essential), a steam cleaner, large garbage bags, a freezer, a washing machine, a dryer and even an iron ( or better, a steam generator).

At the end of the treatment it is possible to install anti-bedbug covers and therefore they must be purchased before starting (at the same time as the insecticide?). And some diatomaceous earth will help you avoid new problems.

How To Avoid The Spread Of Bedbugs?

If you shake the bedding, the eggs and bedbugs will cling to the wall and come back into the room very quickly. If you take the mattress with your arms to go and throw it in the recycling center, the same bed bugs will settle in the different rooms of the house crossed and in the car and create a new home. And if you use the wrong product, they will go to another room.

It is therefore important to do everything to limit dispersal and that means to act while being organized.

Start by spraying insecticide suitable for bedbugs all around the room  : baseboards, doors, window surrounds, around electrical outlets (yes, they slip inside outlets to circulate ‘one room to another). So they can’t get out of the room alive.

What Can You Do To Be Really Quiet?

Remove the sheets without shaking them and slip them into a plastic bag. This will allow you to move potentially infested things without running the risk of spreading eggs and bed bugs in the way of the washing machine. If you have insecticide, spray inside before sealing the bag tightly.

In the same way, isolate all clothing and everyday objects in a plastic bag . Then wash everything at at least 60 ° see 90 °. Then put everything in the dryer and finally iron with a steam generator . If you don’t have one, a garment steamer can do the trick or at least an iron on all clothes, bedding, not forgetting to go over labels and heavy folds.

What cannot go warm must go cold. Thus, place the closed bags directly in the freezer.

Faced with a really strong infestation, you must put insecticide product on the bedding and on all the egg-laying areas that you have identified.

Now is the time to really vacuum everywhere, using the strong suction nozzles for the nooks and crannies. Vacuum the mattress, the floor, absolutely everything.

Cut the current to remove the protections on the sockets and switches . Rekindle the time to suck inside each. Then turn off the power again to deposit diatomaceous earth on the inlet of each socket (on the edge, not in the electrical part itself). Fix everything before turning on the power.

Be careful, your vacuum cleaner is at this stage a biological bomb filled with eggs and bedbugs. Put some diatomaceous earth on the ground and suck it up. Then close the vacuum cleaner bag and throw it in a sealed garbage can.

Finally comes the time to use the steam cleaner absolutely everywhere. The important thing is the use of steam. The cleaner helps to be quick, but if you only have a steam mop that can also work, it will just be longer and less convenient to handle, but just as effective.

But it is advisable to start the big cleaning again, especially the steam cleaner, carefully 2 to 3 weeks later. Then if you no longer have any signs of bedbugs, consider yourself quiet. If not, start again 2 or 3 weeks later (this is the time it takes for the egg to become a bedbug).

Bedbugs, Why Do They Come? What Preventive Solution?

Bed bugs aren’t attracted to dirty or clean places, they just want humans to feed on.

Where To Buy An Anti Bed Bug Cover?

As long as we don’t need it, we don’t know it exists. But many department stores offer them, often in the same department as the mattress pads. Otherwise it is possible to order it on the internet and major bedding brands offer it.

Should I Tell My Neighbors?

Bed bugs are very mobile. You may have it because of one of your neighbors. It is therefore preferable to talk about it or to put a little note next to the mailboxes to report the problem and invite everyone to do preventive treatment.

Am I At Risk Of Getting Sick?

Although bedbugs do eat blood, even infected blood, they themselves do not transmit any disease. The only risk is to have an allergic reaction and therefore to see each button double in size.

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