Proliferation Of Bedbugs: What To Do?

Proliferation Of Bedbugs: What To Do?

There is a global upsurge in bedbug infestations: hotel rooms, youth hostels, mountain lodges, collective housing, private homes, shelters, retirement homes, prisons, hospitals, night trains, boats of cruise … and no big city is spared. How to fight against these parasites? How to avoid the invasion? takes stock.

Bed bugs feed on human blood at night. They are attracted to vibrations, heat, odors and carbon dioxide released by people. They are mostly found in bedrooms (mattresses, box springs and bed frames) but they also live in other dark and quiet places (living room sofas, cracks in walls and floors, backs of paintings, curtains). They can also invest in the washing machine if they have been brought in by contaminated laundry and if the washing is always carried out in lukewarm water.

The Ministry of Town and Housing has set up the website
where you will find all the useful information, as well as a telephone number to answer your questions: 0 806 706 806 (price of a local call).

How To Identify Them?

These insects are visible to the naked eye, they measure from 4 to 7 mm in adulthood. Their body is flat, oval in shape (like an apple seed) and brown in color (reddish after a meal). They are wingless and do not jump but move very quickly.

How To Detect The Infestation?

How To Get Rid Of It?

Caution:  Avoid improvising a chemical treatment that could disperse the bedbugs, aggravate the problem and promote the development of pest resistance to the treatment.

What To Do In Case Of Bites?

Bedbugs do not present any risk of transmitting an infectious agent (virus, bacteria, parasite, etc.). The affected person can wash normally, but should avoid scratching. The bites can go away spontaneously after 10 days. However, they sometimes cause dermatological or allergic damage requiring medical consultation.

How To Avoid Being Contaminated?

There is no such thing as foolproof prevention. However, it is important to take some precautions:

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