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Getting Rid Of Flies And Gnats

Getting Rid Of Flies And Gnats

When flies and gnats land at home, your cozy little nest turns into a nightmare! Haro on the chemical bomb. We give you our alternative methods to end flying insects.

Getting Rid Of Flies And Gnats

You enjoy your home sweet home when suddenly a swarm of flies or gnats are rushing into the house. An annoyance that quickly turns to obsession when we know that these little critters eat unsavory commodities. First reflex: get out the bug spray and exterminate without qualms. Bad idea ! When we know that these toxins are harmful to humans, plants, the environment and your animals. Alternative solutions exist. Explanations …

Prevent the arrival of flies and gnats

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. So before you tackle the heart of the problem, prevention methods are studied. For that, nothing beats grandmothers tips, starting with insect curtains, used particularly in the south of France. This is a system to hang at the door and composed of son or of more or less thick fringe that prevent insects from returning. The model with chains would be most effective. Advantage: we have nothing to do. Disadvantage: not easy to find an aesthetic curtain.

If you are regularly faced with the problem of flies and gnats, will require investment in the nets, especially for windows. The ideal solution, especially in summer.

Anti-flies and gnats: preventive natural methods

Among the preventive natural methods, basil. A smell that would not like flies and gnats. In summer, put a pot in your kitchen. Advantage: a 100% natural method that can combine business with pleasure. Disadvantage: the smell of basil, depending on variety, would not be strong enough to act as a repellent. And during the winter, difficult to find basil in pots. For a more concentrated method, use a few drops of essential oil of basil (to avoid if you are pregnant and / or if you have children under 3 years), with a little white vinegar and water. Then spray it in strategic places (doors, windows).

Flying insects landed anyway? Combine the essential oil of basil, with the lemongrass and lavender. Do not hesitate to spray the entrance and the windows and the curtains, net curtains … If you have an essential oil diffuser (with programming), it’s even better!

If you have a green thumb and window ledges just waiting to be embellished, plant feet of geranium, mint, lemongrass and basil to make a natural barrier anti-flies and gnats. Advantage: a method without risk to health. Disadvantage: not necessarily effective in winter.

Other natural techniques: Cut a lemon in half and the pulp plant in a couple of cloves, then place all in the cups. Try also garlic decoction. Ask them again at strategic locations. The smell should (in theory) repel insects.

Natural solutions to kill flies and gnats

After prevention, up to the action! We use the same ingredients as those for prevention, but release trap. Mix 10 drops of essential oil of citronella and 6 drops of lavender essential oil. Then, cut water bottles 2, and tilt the upper half of the bottle into the base to form a funnel. It only remains to fill with sugar water and add to the mixture of essential oils. The trap is ready. Advantage: a natural solution easy to implement. Disadvantage: forget if you are pregnant or parent of a child in infancy. When the aesthetic appearance … not really pretty. Variant for pregnant women and families: simply pour sugar water (without essential oil) and then put cider vinegar into the trap.

Last tip: do not leave lying around in your kitchen anything that might attract the flying insects: stagnant water, food scraps, garbage …

Mechanical solutions to get rid of flies and gnats

You tried natural methods and you are still so many flies? There is always the traditional methods. If you are patient, you can opt for the fag whose effectiveness is well established … if you aim well!

Know that there are now a high-tech accessory to exterminate, without chemicals, flying insects: snowshoeing. His secret? With an electrified mesh, flying insects are killed immediately. Disadvantage: you have to think to replace both batteries required for its operation and be careful not to hurt anyone with the craft. At night, it can wake you up with sparks if your partner uses. With the added bonus of a small burning smell …

Another classic anti-flies and gnats remedy: adhesive tapes. Impregnated products, insects come to ensnare these vertical bands and can not escape. Advantage: we put the strips in strategic locations and there to wait. It works ! Disadvantage: the product used to attract is not necessarily green. Aesthetics, we have seen better. Finally, replace the tapes once they are saturated.

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