Does Usps Take Fedex

Does Usps Take Fedex In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

There are many shipping options available to people who need to send something. However, FedEx is the most preferred choice because it offers a fast and reliable service that’s backed up by an international network.

But if you were expecting something FedEx and then saw it being delivered by the United States Postal Service, you might have some questions.

First of all, FedEx is USPS’s primary concern. So what’s the deal? Well, I have the answer you’re seeking.

Does USPS Take FedEx In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

FedEx Taken by USPS In 2022

However, in general, FedEx cannot accept parcels that are meant to be shipped by the United States Postal Service. FedEx and USPS share a strong business relationship. FedEx offers FedEx a large global network and USPS receives the benefits of FedEx SmartPost shipping. FedEx also capitalizes on USPS strong local delivery service.

  • You can read on to find out more about FedEx’s partnership with USPS.
  • Is FedEx and USPS compatible?

    USPS and FedEx started their collaboration in 2001. USPS would benefit from FedEx’s large domestic and international reach.

    FedEx Express has one of today’s largest and most extensive non-passenger aircraft fleets, making it possible to reach this extent.

    USPS mail is known for its international delivery. FedEx Express has taken USPS mail on an extended ride since years. FedEx recently renewed the long-standing contract with USPS into 2024.

    FedEx recently ended the second half of their partnership.

    FedEx said that, starting in spring 2021 the company would not rely upon USPS ground to transport parcels.

    FedEx SmartPost was the original name for the FedEx SmartPost service. FedEx would pick up the package within the delivery zone, give it to USPS, then allow USPS to handle the actual delivery.

    FedEx found it an affordable option for shipping companies that were not in a hurry and it was very beneficial to them in several ways.

    FedEx drivers wouldn’t have to travel on unfamiliar roads or back roads. USPS is more experienced in the region.

    FedEx also closed that service branch and moved it to its own Ground Network.

    Finally, FedEx Ground Economy was rebranded.

    So, while we tracked packages via FedEx for many years, then switched to USPS tracking so that parcels could be expected in our mailboxes.

    Your long-distance orders will still be sent via FedEx Express thanks to the extension of their contract through 2024.

    Does USPS Take FedEx In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

    How can I ship the USPS using a FedEx container?

    It is time to put things in storage.

    FedEx boxes are often used to deliver packages.

    You might have meant to drop it off at FedEx but forgotten and accidentally dropped it in the USPS box slot.

  • (If you remember right away, you can always go up to the counter, explain what happened, and they’ll dig it out for you.)
  • Now let’s imagine you walk away and your package is in the USPS. states that an obedient postal worker could notice the mistake and pick it up, before handing it over to FedEx.

    It could be forgotten about or even lost.

    However, it is likely that most boxes will arrive at their destination.

    A FedEx FedEx Box can be re-used if the delivery was in that FedEx package. If this is your only FedEx container, then you might consider blacking out or taping over all FedEx logos.

  • (If you would like to reuse, for example, the box in which wine was delivered, then you will need to follow a similar procedure so no alcohol indicators are visible.
  • It is also possible to tape up your items inside FedEx boxes and then bring it to your postal office.

    It is not necessarily the end of world if you have no other options than FedEx. However, it can cause delays in delivery.

    FedEx Delivered My Package to the USPS.

    Until very recently, FedEx offered a service called SmartPost shipping.

    This shipping option is perfect for smaller package shippers, who need speed but don’t want to compromise on quality.

    FedEx developed its own distribution network specifically for SmartPost. These centers transferred parcels to USPS.

    When that happened, USPS was officially the final leg of the parcel’s travel, effectively becoming the actual delivery person.

    The whole concept behind SmartPost shipping was to allow FedEx to deliver a package to USPS.

    However, in 2021, FedEx announced it was dissolving SmartPost. The USPS won’t be jumping in to deliver packages.

    FedEx Ground Economy is now being delivered entirely by FedEx. It’s a decision that will save money and help the largest shipper.

    Does USPS Take FedEx In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

    FedEx is allowed to deliver packages into your mailbox.

    FedEx can’t place packages into a USPS-owned mailbox.

    It is actually illegal for any person, except USPS or the residents of the house to use mailboxes.

  • It was a crime to drop a packet of brownies off at someone’s house or put a postcard in their mailbox. You won’t be caught!
  • Thus, FedEx (and UPS, and whatever other shipper) must trudge the extra steps to your porch and place the parcels there.

    Yes. Even though FedEx has a long-standing partnership with USPS in business, FedEx cannot use USPS-monopolized mailrooms.

    To learn more about USPS, you might also be interested in reading up on whether or not USPS delivers to PO boxes, if USPS updates tracking, and if USPS ships to Canada.

  • Conclusion
  • FedEx and USPS are not considered a common rule. But, they have maintained a good working relationship ever since 2001.

    Until very recently, FedEx relied on USPS ground services for the last leg of their SmartPost service, but that facet of their partnership has been dissolved.

    Fedex Packages Can Be Picked up By Usps

    FedEx parcels are available to USPS. – Quora. Yes. Yes. After the packages have been collected by USPS, the parcels will be combined into larger shipping shipments and taken by FedEx to be shipped back to their original retailers.

    Fedex Does Fedex Give Up To Usps?

    FedEx SmartPost is an affordable U.S. residential shipping choice for low weight, high volume shipment. Postal Service (USPS) for final delivery. FedEx SmartPost returns all shipments to the U.S. addresses and can be used for shorter-term shipments.

    What happens if I drop a Fedex package at USPS?

    If the Fedex box is in the same location, the mail carrier will drop it in the Fedex box for you, assuming they spot it. It will be returned to you by the Fedex courier within the next few days if it does not arrive at the postal office.

    Fedex Returns Usps

    Customers can drop off packages at any of our 63,000+ locations. U.S. Postal Service tender options. You can return your package to the local postal office, collection box or mailbox. Or you could leave it on your front porch or mailbox.

    .Does Usps Take Fedex In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

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