Essential Oil For Bed Bugs – Does it work?

Essential Oil for Bed Bugs

Looking for essential oils for bed bugs? You may find that the period when you are dealing with bed bug infestation is one of the most stressful moments of your life, but you are not alone. You may even find it more frustrating if you have opt for a natural method of getting rid of the pest. However, you will soon find out that natural procedures of getting rid of bed bugs are more effective than chemical based insecticide.

Furthermore, natural methods are relatively cheaper and they may not have those nasty side effects of store-bought insecticide on you and your room. You are probably reading this page, because you are looking to use essential oils to get rid of bed bug in your home. You are in the right place. This post will furnish you with a list of the most effective essential oils for bed bug as well as other vital information to make it simple to use the oil you choose.

What is an Essential Oil?

An essential oil is an oil gotten from a plant. The oils are extracted using a distillation procedure that ensures that are natural and concentrated without any adulteration. Most essential oils are extracted from a single part of the plant but a few others are mixtures of extract from all parts of a particular plant. There are many types of essential oil used for antibacterial like peppermint oil and such.

Do Essential Oils For Bed Bugs Work?

Many plants have powerful scents that are disliked by bed bugs and other insects. This makes using essential oils extracted from these specific plants a potent bed bug repellant, which invariably means not all types of essential oils will be effective in repelling bed bug. As already mentioned above, this method may be preferable to many since you don’t have to use chemicals containing a toxic ingredient in your bedroom.

Also, essential oil kill bed bug naturally thus making them friendly for use in the kids’ room. Even though some essential oils may be beneficial in getting rid of bed bugs, it is important to state that they are not the most efficient option. Although they may do only little to repel bedbug during a severe infestation, essential oils may provide you with the relief you long for from bed bug bite. They may also effectively prevent future bites.

How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs With Essential Oils

Most essential oils on the market are the natural and unadulterated extract from the plant. This makes them really potent and concentrated. While this is to an extent a very good thing, it is imperative to state that it is not advised to use them directly on the skin. Even though essential oils are pure and natural, they may still have a negative impact on you if not properly used.

It is best to dilute the oils with virgin olive oil or coconut oil so as to reduce their concentration thus making it tolerable for your skin. This is primarily because individuals with sensitive skin may suffer a kind of irritation due to the high concentration of the herb which may cause rashes, hives and the likes.

A pure essential oil may also be poisonous if accidentally ingested or if too much of it is absorbed into the bloodstream through your skin. When buying essential oils, it is advised to go for a good quality one since you want one that will work well for you. Also, it is not advised to use essential oils while pregnant.

You may add about 10 ml of the essential oil of your choice to 250 ml of water. Spray the mixture on your bed and bed sheets to keep bed bugs at bay. You may also mix oils with your lotion (unscented) and apply on your body before going to bed. This should be applied on kids too, but with the exception of their hands, since they have a tendency to put hands in their mouth.

Here is a list of the most effective essential oil methods to kill bed bugs:

1. Lavender Essential Oils For Bed Bugs

Lavender essential oil may be effective in repelling bed bugs from the skin. This is primarily has a powerful scent that is disliked by a bed bug but loved by almost everyone. Using lavender oil is a win-win for you since they may help you repel bed bugs while comforting you with their lovely smell at the same time.

Interestingly, the strong scent of lavender oil has been found to be beneficial in promoting quality sleep. This is a really good thing since bed bug infestation may make it extremely difficult to sleep well at night. You may find that your room has a not-so-good smell associated with bed bug infestation. This oil may help get rid of the smell too.

Another benefit of lavender essential oil is that it does more than repelling bed bugs to keeping scorpions at bay. The lavender oil may be used during an active infestation as well as after getting rid of the pest so as to prevent future invasion of your home. Lavender oil may also be useful in killing bedbugs and their eggs if directly sprayed on them. For the essential oil to work well, mix it with an equal amount of water and spray on your sheets, pillows, and your bed repelling bed bugs at bay.

2. Thyme Essential Oils For Bed Bugs

Thyme have been used for decades as a powerful flea repellant. It has been found that the spice may also be used as a bed bug repellant. Thyme also has insecticide property thus making it effective in killing bed bugs as well as preventing future infestation. However, it is pertinent to state that thyme essential oil should be diluted before use in a home where there are kids and/or pregnant women since it may not be safe for this category of individuals.

Furthermore, the oil comes with some added benefits including but not limited to killing and inhibiting the growth of bacteria, strengthening the immune system, improve blood circulation and providing a relief from anxiety. If sprayed directly on bed bugs, thyme essential oil may kill the pest as well as their eggs, thereby reducing their population and preventing reproduction.

However, it is not advised to use this essential oil on your skin (diluted or undiluted) without first seeking medical advice. This is because it may elevate the blood pressure levels when absorbed into the bloodstream thus making it extremely dangerous for individuals with high blood pressure. To use thyme oil for bed bugs, you will need to dilute it with an equal amount of water and then spray it on the areas you intend to protect.

3. Tea Tree Essential Oils For Bed Bugs

Tea tree essential oil is another powerful bed bug repellant on the market. The herb was first found in Australia. Tea tree essential oils for bed bug is reported that natives use the extract from the plant for many different medicinal purposes including the treatment of skin related and general health issues.  Tea tree oil has been found to contain both antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which may be effective in getting rid of bed bugs as well as their eggs.

The tea tree oil may also serve as a powerful fungicide, insecticide and antiseptic agent. Tea tree oil has a powerful smell that will send bugs parking in no time. Also, the tea tree oil may be effectively used to get rid of lice, treat acne and support the quick healing of wounds. This is the reason why it is one of the active ingredient most beauty and hair care products on the market use today.

All you have is mix the oil with water and spray all over your room including on your carpets, bed sheets, curtains, and the likes. To kill bed bugs with this essential oil, you may have to spray it directly on them in an undiluted form. However, it is important to state that tea tree oil may not be safe for you if undiluted and so you should think twice before spraying it in your room.

4. Lemongrass Essential Oils For Bed Bugs

Lemongrass has a powerful scent that may be useful in repelling insects including bed bugs. The plant has an amazing smell which makes it ideal to add in a diet. Some individuals even use it as one of the ingredients in making tea. The smell may help you relax as well as provide you with a quick relief from pains, stomach aches, headaches, and muscle aches hence an added benefit when used against bed bugs. Once applied you may be surprised to find that it effectively prevent bed bugs from coming any closer.

Lemongrass oil has been submitted that lemongrass essential oil may be effective in preventing bed bug eggs from hatching if sprayed directly on them. Although evidence to back this claim is limited, if this claim turns out to be true, then this oil may actively get rid of bed bugs and prevent future infestation. This is because if there is no reproduction, then there is no growth in population thus making it easier to get rid of adult bed bugs.

To use lemongrass oil, you may need to dilute it with virgin olive oil or water since it is too strong to be applied topically on the skin. Spray on all areas you intend to protect. It may be used for children, but caution should be exercised. Spray lemongrass essential oil, undiluted on bed bugs and their eggs to get rid of them. The oil may be used even after the infestation for all the benefits it has to offer as well as a preventive measure for future infestation.

Other Essential Oil for Bedbugs

Other essential oils that may be effectively used to get rid of bed bugs are clove essential oil, peppermint oil, neem essential oil, and eucalyptus essential oil.