Dryer Sheet for Bed Bugs

You may get worried after confirming bed bug infestation in your home, and this may push you to try all kinds of methods to get rid of them. Your worries are justified considering the fact that bed bugs do more harm than good (rarely any good at all). You may feel that this is the right time to put some of the alleged effective methods of getting rid of a bed bug into practice. One procedure used in getting rid of bed bug is the dryer sheet method. It is claimed by many that the method is very effective and may help you get rid of bed bugs for good.

Dryer sheets also referred to as fabric softener or fabric conditioner sheets are specially designed to help your laundry maintain a soft texture after passing through the high temperature associated with drying. Fabric softeners also help to give your laundry a pleasant smell since they are heavily scented. Although these are the primary uses of the products, it has been claimed that fabric softener sheets may also be used as a powerful bed bug repellants.

Is this correct or not? Read on for more information.

Dryer Sheets and Bed Bugs

Dryer sheets have been used by many people to get rid of bed bugs. Most users reported that it was effective in keeping bed bug at bay both indoor and outdoor. The claims about the efficacy of dryer sheets for bed bug may be attributed to the strong smell of the product. However, it is important to state that while many users state that it helped in repelling bed bug, there are limited reports on whether it was beneficial in getting rid of the insects.

Many professionals have argued that dryer sheets are not effective in getting rid of the insects. It is argued that while the powerful scent of the product may be useful in masking the smell of carbon dioxide which bed bug use to identify their host, it may not be effective in getting rid of them for good. Severe bed bug infestation may also make your home to have a somewhat unpleasant smell, and dryer sheets may help reduce the odor to a minimal level.

Leaving bed bugs to thrive and grow in population with the hope that fabric softeners may help get rid of them may only worsen the infestation and make extermination more difficult. Since there is no unanimity with regards to the efficacy of dryer sheets for bed bug, it is advised to use all the benefits it has to offer alongside an effective bed bug repellant. This will go a long way in preventing them from feeding on you while you take other stringent measures to get rid of them for good.


How to Get Rid of Bedbugs with Dryer Sheets


How to Use Dryer Sheets Indoors

Dryer sheets may be used as a mild repellant in the home. All you have to do is to place them in areas you intend to protect from bed bug infestation. This may include wardrobes, cabinets behind your curtains and the likes. To prevent bed bug bite while you are asleep, you may place some of the sheets under your bed, at the corners of your mattress, between and under your pillow and other places you feel the need to place the sheets. You should also do the same for the kid’s room.

How to Use Dryer Sheets Outdoors

Dryer sheets may also be used as a powerful bug repellant outdoor. For instance, when going on a camping or hiking trip, you may adhere the sheet to your clothing to keep bugs away. However, you may need to change the sheets from time to time depending on the length of your stay. You may also use wet dryer sheets to remove the dried remains of bug s and other insects from your car or bike.

Furthermore, fabric softener sheets may serve as a bug repellant when going on a picnic. You may place them at the base of a picnic basket before placing other things in it. You may also place it under the picnic mat before spreading it on the ground. The good thing about dryer sheet is that you may easily invent a new way of using it. Do it in a way that serves your need better but ensures you take other more effective ways of getting rid of bed bugs.