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Cleaning A Contaminated Medium With Feces Bats

Cleaning a contaminated medium with feces bats

Sometimes the amount of excrement is very important to clean or contaminated places are numerous and inaccessible.

Calling in experts

When feces are abundant or inaccessible, take preferably decontamination specialists. Some exterminators offer this service. An experienced exterminator knows the steps and procedures for cleaning and disinfecting the feces of bats.

For the addresses of members working exterminators in your area, you may contact the Quebec Association of pest management at the following telephone numbers:

Cleaning A Contaminated Medium With Feces Bats

Make yourself clean

You can clean yourself accessible locations when you are unable to call in specialists. Make sure to prevent access to the contaminated area until it is cleaned. Also be sure to observe the safety precautions before, during and after cleaning.

Before beginning the work of cleaning and decontamination, you Gather appropriate personal protective equipment:

You can get these personal protective equipment in specialized trade in clothing and safety equipment.

When you need to clean large amounts of feces, avoid disperse excrement dust and bioaerosols in the rest of the house by applying these containment measures:

Limit suspended in the air of excrement dust and bioaerosols thus avoiding breathing.

When cleaning and disinfection, check the amount of water used to avoid soaking the materials, as this could encourage mold growth.

Make cleaning the ventilation system by a specialized firm if you believe that the excrement dust could enter.

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