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Clean A Mattress: Our Tips For Maintaining And Removing Stains

Clean a mattress: our tips for maintaining and removing stains

Unless you tend to sweat or have stained, generally, mattresses require regular basic cleaning. Here are our methods to regain a healthy mattress, without using harsh chemicals …

Clean A Mattress: Our Tips For Maintaining And Removing Stains

Apart from the approach of winter and summer, where some return their mattress, we rarely raises the question of the maintenance of his mattress. However, in case of accidents (blood, bedwetting …), trying by all means to find the best solution to get rid of a bad spot. But even without these incidents, basic maintenance, once a month, can be useful. Explanations.

Regularly maintain his mattress

To maintain a healthy bedding, it is essential to conduct a conventional cleaning once a month. Start by sucking your mattress to get rid of hair and other bacteria. Then pour into a bowl of warm water mixed with soap or just white vinegar. Dampen a sponge and scrub, then rinse with water and let dry. Another tip for removing mites: Mix 250 g of baking soda with 5 drops of essential oil of tea tree, known for its antiseptic properties. With a small colander or sieve, sprinkle this mixture on your mattress and pillows. Leave on for 30 minutes. Then, with a brush, scrub the entire mattress and then wait for a further 10 min, before aspirating thoroughly.

Detach a mattress

For stubborn stains, wash with pure soap impregnated on a sponge and then rinse with warm water. Another alternative: Pour a cup of soda in hot water; soak a sponge, scrub and rinse. For perspiration stains, sprinkle ground Sommieres (sold as organic or DIY store) to strong power stain remover and degreaser. Leave for a few hours, brush, then vacuum the next day. Rinse with water, if necessary. For wet spots, are fabricating a paste by mixing 30 g of grated soap, 30 g starch, 15 g of salt and lemon juice. Cover the stain with this paste and leave for an hour or two. Remove the dough and vacuum. Rinse with clean water, if necessary. For alcohol or beverage stains, use of dry soap. Leave for a few hours, then rinse. As for the ink spots or pen, you will come to terms with lemon juice.

Remove a urine stain on a mattress

A classic, especially if you have young children, hence the importance of having a good mattress protector. If bedwetting, act as soon as possible using the same method to eliminate dust mites: baking soda and essential oil of tea tree.

Remove a blood stain on a mattress

Tip: never use hot water to remove a blood stain, as this would have the opposite effect than intended. We still use cold water. Start by dabbing the stain with paper towels to prevent it from spreading, then use white vinaire, rinse with clear water. Variation: let melt an ice cube on the stain, then rub with white vinegar, then rinse with a clean cloth.

The 5 golden rules to keep his bedding

1) Always protect your mattress with a mattress protector 2) Ventilate daily the room leaving the bed unmade few minutes to prevent the proliferation of mites 3) Disinfect monthly mattress and pillows 4) Regularly change the sheets 5) Ensure that the mattress is not wet to prevent mold.

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