The Best Vps Hosting Providers

The Best Vps Hosting Providers

OVH Groupe SAS



Cloud computing


Founded 1999




Key people
  • Octave Klaba

    (Founder, chairman)


  • Michel Paulin

  • Henryk Klaba

  • Miroslaw Klaba

    (R&D director)


dedicated hosting service


cloud computing


public cloud


private cloud


web hosting



600 million (2019)



Number of employees
2,500 (2021)

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the best vps hosting providers

#3. Bluehost – Best Features

Bluehost Cons Bluehost Pros Bluehost Con Great uptime guarantee with 99.98% storage between 30GB and 120GB. Also, great help and support. Bluehost is best known for Word. It offers Press Hosting, however it has all the features you want from a VPS. Bluehost is the only service provider to offer domain names for no cost, and it will continue this free forever. This provider also provides the best support and help we could find.

the best vps hosting providers

Bluehost Gallery

the best vps hosting providers

Why You Should Avoid These Things

the best vps hosting providers

The 2021 Best Vps Hosting Providers

(Image credit to Unsplash). VPS hosting can be a good middle ground. VPS servers are able to offer both dedicated and shared hosting with the added benefit of virtual private server hosting. Shared hosting may be inexpensive and accessible for beginners, but it can’t provide the flexibility, functionality, or scale that growing businesses require.

Dedicated servers meanwhile are ideal for not sharing resources, but are both complex to set up and comparatively expensive. VPS providers that offer the best hosting services will give you a server to share with customers. However, it is smaller than shared hosting servers and you are allocated your CPU cores, RAM, bandwidth, storage, and other resources.

Importantly, this means you won’t lose traffic from other users. In turn, you can choose the operating system and software, so you have more freedom and power than with shared hosting. Your requirements will determine the cost, which can vary from just a few dollars per month up to many hundreds.

Hosting packages often include management tools like the c.panel. It makes it simpler to create and administrate a VPS, if needed. Most of the most popular web hosting companies offer managed services, which include configuration and maintenance of servers. This allows you to focus on your website and customers.

There are hundreds of VPS providers out there fighting for your business, and so the difficult choice of provider can affect site performance. Below, we compare packages from some of the leading VPS hosts services so you have an excellent starting place.

the best vps hosting providers

What are the Best Vps Hosting Companies?

the best vps hosting providers

Best Virtual Private Server (Vps) Hosting For Business

the best vps hosting providers

We ranked the top 10 best Vps hosting companies:

the best vps hosting providers

The 20 Top Vps Hosting Companies for 2021

How Do I Choose A Vps Provider?

  1. Server uptime. VPS hosting is dependent on uptime.
  2. Speed. Web server speed is not the same as web page speed.
  3. Managed and unmanaged. VPS hosting comes with a greater technical aspect.
  4. It costs.
  5. Customer support
  6. Backup
  7. Security.
  8. Additional Features

Godaddy shared hosting or VPs

High-performance KVM VPS Hosting with Flexible Configurations for Every Budget. We also offer automated backups, on-demand monitoring and alerting tools, expert support, and scheduling.

Which Vps Is Best For India?

  1. HostGator. 2 Cores. 2GB RAM
  2. BigRock. 2 Cores. 2 GB RAM
  3. Bluehost. 2 Cores. 30 GB SSD SSD Memory
  4. Inmotion Hosting. 4GB+ RAM 75GB Storage.
  5. iPage. 1 Core CPU. 1GB RAM
  6. ResellerClub. 2 CPU Cores. 20GB SSD Disk Space.
  7. Hosting Papa. 4 Core. 50 GB.
  8. HostingRaja. HostingRaja. 2GB RAM

What Does a Vps Monthly Cost?

How Much Does VPS Hosting Cost? VPS hosting has hybrid features that make it less costly than shared hosts but not nearly as expensive as dedicated hosts. The configuration will determine the cost of VPS hosting. It can be expected to cost between $20 and $100 each month.

.The Best Vps Hosting Providers

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