Best Tracker Watch For Kids

Best Tracker Watch For Kids

best tracker watch for kids

How do you choose the best GPS tracker for kids?

Jiobit’s kid-proof design has made it the best GPS tracker available for children. But, they are now taking orders for a new model. The original Jiobit worked seamlessly with the smartphones you or a caregiver might carry around, so you not only knew the location of your child but who they’re with a valuable feature if you rely on a nanny or babysitter and want to check in on how everyone is doing.

Lil Tracker offers a more comfortable option than a clip-on tracker for your kids. Although the app can be confusing, Lil Tracker’s watch is very wearable and affordable. Although the Apple Watch SE may not be a traditional child tracker, it is interesting because of Apple’s Family Setup feature. This allows for the tracking of the exact location of anyone wearing the LTE-enabled Smartwatch. Given the Apple Watch’s cost, though, we’d only recommend it for older kids or aging parents.

Although you may consider trying other GPS trackers such as the regular ones or those made specifically for kids, we warn against that. GPS trackers suitable for children were made to be worn, and occasionally operated by young people. Children may find it difficult to use dedicated GPS trackers like the Spot Gen3, which is extremely accurate.

We would also caution you against using Apple’s AirTag to track any other objects. It may seem tempting to use the Ultra Wideband tracker with children or pets. However, the range is not as great as a dedicated people tracking device. Apple has also prohibited this use.

best tracker watch for kids

There are many reasons why you should avoid it

Apple may soon release its new Apple Watch, but it’s worth noting the low-cost Apple Watch SE that is one of the most useful GPS trackers available for children. Apple’s Family Setup feature lets you manage an Apple Watch for another person a child, say, or even older parent. You can also monitor your location from far away, which is not a bad thing.

The Apple Watch SE features an aluminum case with silver, gold and space gray finishes, and it comes in 40mm and 44mm sizes. The Apple Watch SE is similar to the Series 6 and features an accelerometer, GPS, gyroscope and an always-on altimeter. Unlike the even cheaper Apple Watch 3 , you get fall detection, noise monitoring, international emergency calling and emergency SOS. That last feature will appeal to parents who view the Apple Watch SE more as a tracker device.

You will need the LTE version to get location tracking capabilities for your Apple Watch. It costs $329 for the 40mm watch and $359 the 44mm. There is an additional monthly charge from your cell phone company. Family Setup can be used to find the exact location of any Apple Watch SE LTE-connected user. You can also set fitness goals, send allowance money and limit features during school hours via Family Setup.

Apple Watch SE’s battery life is only 18 hours, so it can’t compete with other GPS trackers that are dedicated for children. That means you’ll have to charge the Apple Watch SE every night. But the Apple Watch also offers more features than the typical kid tracker, including activity tracking, a dedicated Fitness app and a hand-washing guide.

Image credit to Tom’s guide. The Apple Watch SE is not the best solution for anyone who only needs basic tracking capabilities. But for older kids who balk at some of the less sophisticated looks of dedicated trackers or for older parents who need to be monitored, the Apple Watch SE delivers a nice blend of fashion and functionality.

Apple may announce a new line of Apple Watches starting in September. Although the Apple Watch 7 might be too large to monitor a child’s progress, there could be updates to existing SE models and price reductions on other Apple Watch products.

best tracker watch for kids

Does this Gps tracking device for children also work well for senior citizens and pets?

Kids aren’t the only members of your family that you may want to keep tabs on. Also, trackers may help you keep an eye on seniors and pets. And as you might imagine, the companies that make the best GPS trackers for kids also have devices better suited for older members of the family or pets that might run off.

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Jiobit sells both the Jiobit Next tracker and its original version. This allows for children to wear the device without looking too different, so Jiobit is able to offer the exact same product at the same price. Jiobit offers a service plan that includes both a tracker and a fabric pouch. This can be attached to a collar for pets.

Lil Tracker has a watch for seniors in a darker color than the one for children. It is slightly less expensive, at least, for the 2G version. 4G Lil Tracker watches costs $129 for seniors and children alike. The company has a version of its tracker for pets, but it’s listed as sold out as of this writing.

Apple Watch SE features a fashionable design, which appeals to seniors. And the LTE version is the same price no matter who it’s worn.

PetsRadar is a sister website that reviews dedicated pet products. It features the top dog and cat trackers.

best tracker watch for kids

Best fitness tracker to use with kids: the Fitbit Ace 3 Activity tracker

You can buy this Fitbit device now Although it doesn’t connect to cell network, you can expect text and call functionality. But it works well as an activity tracker.

Fitbit Ace 3 keeps track of sleep, exercise, and step count. This fun platform features an animated clock face. Kids can earn badges to be able to join fitness challenges with parents. The best part is that parents can also see the stats so you don’t have to worry about your child not getting enough sleep.

At the end the first day of using the watch, my 9 year old was already running laps through the yard in an effort to keep up his daily step count. He beat me to the punch. This is not an excuse. Technical details: For testing purposes, my son used the Fitbit for four consecutive days. He only had to charge it once. The manufacturer claims the battery lasts eight days with no animated faces. It’s water-resistant up to 50 m. It can be connected wirelessly to both Android and iOS phones. This product is suitable for children up to 6 years of age.

3 of 7, Image Credits to Walmart

best tracker watch for kids

Garmin Vivofit Jr. the Best Kid’s Smartwatch With Long Life Battery:

Garmin Vivofit Jr. 3 by Garmin is more than a regular fitness tracker. It’s like a fun social studies/P.E. You can carry it around with you as a social studies and PE class. When they reach daily activity goals, kids can unlock games and activities that teach them about the world around them and allow them to have adventures across the globe. My son thought being able to explore famous places was the best part about this watch, and he lost himself in learning about the pyramids of Egypt.

Vivofit allows parents to set up reminders on their phones for chores or other chores. Although my son wasn’t thrilled when I looked down at him to see that it was time for the dishwasher to be unloaded, I was able to remind him that there was still work ahead.

Technical Information: I will tell you what this battery looks like. It can be used for as long as a year. Yes. It will last for one year. It’s one year. No cables to lose, chargers to be lost, and there are no juice-draining situations. Vivofit Jr.3 is powered by a single, replaceable battery. I have never felt anything like this in all my years of cord-chaos. This activity monitor does not support messaging, but connects via Bluetooth to the parent’s Android or iOS smartphone.

7 out of 7 Image Credits by Walmart

best tracker watch for kids

Be Simple

This watch, despite its numerous features is ideal for young children. The watch is recommended for children between 4 and 12, although in practice, it may be more suitable for kids aged 8 to 12. It is suitable for children aged 4-12 years, but in reality it may be more appropriate for younger kids.

Themoemoe Kids Geo-Tracking Watch for Kids,

The watch’s case is made from special waterproof material. It is water-resistant and can be used with…

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[(SOS FUNCTION] The children tracker smartwatch equipped with LBS SOS. When in distress,…

(CLASS MODO.NO DISTURBEMENT) When students attend school or classes, parents need not be worried about whether they are…

best tracker watch for kids

1. Xplora Go

We like it. It is basically a phone that you can wear on your child’s wrist. What really sets it apart is that it can also make and receive phone calls.

The parent may be interested in this if they don’t desire their child having a phone but still feel the need for them to communicate with each other. Plus, the watch’s contact list is controlled from the app on an adult’s phone (and two parents can access this so little Tamantha won’t constantly be bothering just one of you to add grandma’s number to her device.) It’s possible to add contacts. However, the contact won’t be adding anybody you don’t approve.

Good call quality; watch features a speaker and microphone that are clear. There is no headset jack so it’s impossible to have private conversations. This may not be a bad thing depending on your perspective.

The functionality of parental control doesn’t stop there. From the app on your own smartphone, you can set school times – say between 8.30 and 15.30 every weekday – during which the watch will only display the time and make emergency calls (don’t worry: you can still call it if you need an update on Tamatha’s day).

You can also use the GPS tracking feature to keep track of where your child is located. When they feel in danger they can push the button on their watch for several seconds. You will receive an SOS warning. You will notice it, I promise. Your phone light up, volume turns full blast and sirens sound. A safety zone can be defined, for instance, that covers 500m of the school. You will get an alert if your child departs from one of the safety zones.

Sony collaborated with children to make it possible for them to connect the XPLORA GO to their PlayStation. They can also win rewards within-game when they achieve fitness goals.

The battery life on the XPLORA 3S, which I previously criticized, was only 36 hours. This suggests that kids might forget to charge the device. However, the GO comfortably lasted almost a week without needing to be charged, so clearly this is an area XPLORA have invested in.

best tracker watch for kids


Image credit to Fitbit. Last update Smartwatches are not just for the elderly. There is a wide range of smartwatches on the market today that appeal to younger audiences, including models offering learning and games, making them a compelling reason to get some smartwatch tech to use on the move.

These smartwatches can be used by kids and come with smart fitness trackers.

Because summer is a time when kids want to keep active rather than spend all day playing Fortnite. You might encourage creativity with the best cameras for children. If you have a teenager, it is worth looking at the top smartwatches both for adults and teens.

Best Black Friday deals 2021 Best Black Friday deals 2021

Want to find the best smartwatch deals and discounts? Good news! Black Friday will arrive at the beginning of November. We expect some huge discounts this year. To find the most amazing Black Friday deals, be sure to check out our Black Friday deals portal.

best tracker watch for kids

This info will help you make a wise choice about the best smartwatches for kids

A TEACHER PET The Tobi Robot Smartwatch by Little Tikes Check Price It’s a useful learning tool disguised in the form of a digital pet.

It’s a smart purchase because of its fun features, but it doesn’t cost a lot.

KEEP KIDS ON TRACK Garmin Vivofit Jr.

The stylish Activity Monitor counts sheep steps, strokes, and strides.

A smartwatch can be a wonderful gift. Smartwatches can promote healthy habits by tracking steps. Smartwatches can be used to teach kids the importance of having a gadget. These devices can act as GPS trackers for children to provide security and help parents monitor their children’s locations. They can also make little ones smile and remind them of how cool their parents are sometimes. But picking the right one isn’t as simple as grabbing a Fitbit or Apple Watch. There are many things to consider when outfitting young ones. Do they need GPS? Is it better to have a watch that is specifically designed for children than one made for adults? Here’s how to wrap your head around picking the best smartwatch for kids.

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Top GPS watch for kids:

Best health tracker for kids:

best tracker watch for kids

We have the best Gps trackers for kids: Best Child Safety Wearables

GPS trackers are easy to use and can be used by anyone. Clicking through links from the site may result in us earning an affiliate commission.

This world of wearables doesn’t have to be reserved for the grown-ups. A whole host of smartwatches or fitness trackers are now available for kids. These devices offer some entertainment as well as parental security.

However, it can be difficult to locate the right device for your child. The task of finding the perfect smartwatch for your kid can be difficult. It will be more beneficial to younger users.

Like any tech space, many of the devices released over the years failed to make it into production. That’s why we are here: to review the most popular smartwatches available for children right now as well as some that will be coming soon.

While not all devices offer the same functionality, some can be set up to track activity and prioritize locations. Keep reading…

best tracker watch for kids

Top Kids’ Fitness Trackers For 2021

June 8, 2021 GearJunkie could earn a small commission by linking to affiliates in this article.

The latest trend in fitness watch and tracker technology is the “Fit Watch”. They come in every size and shape, and can track any type of sport.

While most watches are geared toward adults, there is a select market of fitness trackers designed specifically to help kids get active in a fun and exciting way. In order to identify the top kids’ fitness trackers, we tested activity trackers with children aged 3 to 13.

Many went on walks while others took to the trampoline or played interactive games. Others simply ran about the house, all the while the watch worked. The parents, as well the children, were able to share their thoughts about what they like and don’t like about each watch.

This article only focuses on the best fitness monitors for kids. Our Best Fitness Watches For Adults page has the best triathlon watches. You can also check out our Pet Fitness Trackers Monitor dogs on the Move or Couch for the best fitness trackers for Fido. Scroll down to view all our recommendations, then jump to your desired category.

Best for Young Kids Best for Teens Best for Games Best for Budget

Fitbit Ace 3: These are the Best Fitness Trackers to Kids in 2021 Fitbit Ace 3 The Fitbit Ace 3 ($79), a children’s version of their popular fitness tracker, features many of those you love about a Fitbit. In addition to a step counter, the watch is swimproof, tracks sleep, and has bedtime reminders and alarms.

What Makes a Good Kids Tracker Watch?

  1. Themoemoe Kids GPS Smartwatch. GPS Smartwatch For Kids.
  2. Kids’ GPS Smart Watch. The Best GPS Watch for Active Children
  3. Blackview Kids GPS Waterproof Smartwatch
  4. Laxcido Kids Smart Watch Waterproof.
  5. Mobile phone tracker for 4G GPS kids smartwatch
  6. Smart GPS watch phone for kids. Sep 24, 2021

Which Smartwatch is Best for Kids in 2020?

  1. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch X. The Best Smartwatch Camera.
  2. The ProGrace Smartwatch for Kids. Smartwatch that is all-round for kids.
  3. Smartwatch VTech Star Wars BB-8 Smartwatch
  4. VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch VX2.
  5. For kids, Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Monitor for Kids.
  6. Karaforna Smartwatch Smartphone for Children
  7. Themoemoe Kids’ Smartwatch. Mai 21, 2021

Can I Track My Kid With A Watch?

You can now track your kid in real-time with GPS watches that come equipped with GPS. It’s easy to set up a parent tracking app such as Find My Kids to link to your child’s smartwatch.

.Best Tracker Watch For Kids

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