Best Kids Magazines

Best Kids Magazines

best kids magazines

24 Best Magazines to Give Kids as a Gift To Their Classroom Libraries

Magazines allow for voice and choice.

and to pull articles to use as short text in your reading and writing lessons. Below are 24 recommended magazines for students of all ages that have been approved by teachers.

WeAreTeachers can earn a commission from sales of items linked to on this webpage. Items that we love are what we only recommend! Highlights High Five, for Pre-K to Kindergarten Kids, is our favorite magazine. You can find fun, recurring features that they can use independently. (Hooray for Hidden Pictures!) These poems and stories are great to share or use as mentor texts. They also have amazing how-to instructions for recipes and projects.

Ladybug for children 2-6 Years old. Ladybug pages are beautiful and colorful. Every issue contains charming characters, stories, poems and songs.

This is our favorite science and social studies magazine for early childhood kids. National Geographic’s photographs are what draw young children to the magazine. It is also great for quick and engaging reading aloud or browsing on their own.

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpsy is a collection of stories, poems, comics, pictures, puzzles and games. It also has recipes, craft ideas, and even recipes.

best kids magazines

For learning, the Best Kids Magazine Subscribers

Whether your kid loves art, science or sports, there’s a magazine for them.

A new way to enjoy reading is from a printed page. Reading from a book is fun. Many studies have shown that reading from a print page helps you retain more than the information on your screen. Reading from a physical page can actually help to improve your comprehension of what you are reading. You can give your children the chance to learn and experience old-fashioned magazine subscriptions while they are reading about their favorite subjects. Plus, they enjoy receiving a magazine in the mail on an occasion that is regular. For Christmas, give a child a subscription to a magazine. They will have a whole year of fresh experiences.

The Kid’s Magazine is a great way for children to discover faraway places through tales from all over the globe. It also serves as entertainment and an education tool. Magazines provide multiple mediums through which kids can learn, from reading fiction or nonfiction essays, deciphering infographics, looking at beautiful photos of things, places, and animals they’ve never seen before, and playing games. The best magazines for children are science-focused for teens or arts-focused for young kids.

There are many magazines for kids that work better than others. Erin Bried (founder and editor of Kazoo Magazine), one of the most recent and greatest entries in children’s publishing, says that kids magazines must be vibrant, beautiful, interactive and fun. They should be able to take their readers on a “journey that starts on page one and ends on page two.” This will ensure that kids are eager to go to the mailbox every month to check for the next issue. The prices are for a 1-year subscription. However, the number of issues is different. New Moon Girls It’s for girls, by girls and if your boy wants to read it they’ll be ahead of you when it comes to understanding them. Behind the print and electronic kids’ magazine is a mission to connect with young women in their tweens and teens. While the magazine’s older sister has more activities and feminine fiction, its younger counterpart contains less. The spirit to show your daughter that Cosmo doesn’t have any feminine fiction and more activities is strong.

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Ages: 9 to 16 Buy Now $44 Written exclusively for girls between the ages of 5 and 12, Kazoo has grown from a limited indie press to a kids magazine found in bookstores and airport kiosks everywhere. Erin Bried is Erin Bried’s long-serving magazine editor. Erin was a mother who saw the dearth of worthy periodicals for young, powerful women. She created a children’s magazine to highlight the achievements of women in STEM, as well as experiments that can be done at home and craft ideas that go beyond just gluing glitter on paper.

Ages 5-12 Buy Now $40 This is essentially grown up news made accessible to young minds. The Week’s co-founders Sapna Satagopan, Joanne Suen and Joanne Suen make it easy for children to understand the news by breaking down each week’s child-appropriate information in a language that they can comprehend.

Ages from 6-12. Buy Now $50. Click is a testament to the fact that children can be researchers and scientists. They are always looking for information and answers on unknown phenomena and new animals, because so much of it is new. Each issue covers a specific topic and there are nine issues each year. Click contains an entire issue on snakes. Sylvia Earle is an ocean explorer and was interviewed in Click’s magazine about the ocean. This magazine is truly meant to challenge your child and expand their horizon beyond just some basic animal facts. Click indicates that it is appropriate for kids up to age 3. However, the content tends to be more appealing for older children.

best kids magazines

For Older Kids

Cricket Media publishes this award-winning publication for curious kids aged 9-14. Muse covers science, technology, the arts and is full of engaging articles. Every issue has no ads!

The Week Junior Curated was created for kids aged 8-14. This content covers global news, science books, sports and entertainment. Sign up today to get 6 weeks completely free

Bright Lite Mag Bright Lite Mag a magazine for adolescent females is based in New York. This bi-annual publication features interesting articles, photos and letters as well journal entries, sketches, and other content. Hoping to create a safe space that empowers girls, the coolest part is that it’s user-generated, meaning girls make up the editorial board and submit their content for inclusion.

Sports Illustrated Kids for Kids If you have an athlete kid, Sports Illustrated Kids would be perfect. Each issue has photography, education sports news and, of course, the annual SportsKid. There are also tips and information from top trainers, athletes and coaches.

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Subscribe here photo: Smore Magazine Smore Magazine is a great publication that will introduce your kid to different careers in science, technology, engineering and math. It’s also a fun publication that will keep them engaged with puzzles, activities and crafts.

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best kids magazines

8 magazines kids will love

Jaclyn Youhana Garver Comments (9) print is slowly dying , but printed magazines are still one of the very best things a person can find in the mailbox and that’s especially true for kids (and for parents looking for any avenue to limit screen time).

Highlights was the first magazine that I signed up for, according to my wager. This collection contained short fiction as well as informative pieces. Goofus, Gallant and other characters, who despite their somewhat snarky names, taught us how to behave and what to do with our money. Gallant questions, “What would you like to do?” “I can think of several adults who would benefit from that insight. Highlights can be subscribed to, although you won’t lose your subscription. My other favourite kid- and teen friendly magazines, Barbie magazine, Disney Adventures Teen People Teen People Teen People Teen Teen Seventeen, YM Teen, Seventeen, and Teen People all went out of business.


best kids magazines

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Every year, I compile a list with magazines suitable for children. This is a great way for grandparents, aunts and uncles to give to their grandchildren for Christmas.

Magazines make the best gift. Every month, or quarter, there is a new piece of the gift and it becomes even more magical. Also, magazines make great gifts for birthdays.

This list contains the 20 top magazines for kids. They are all ones that I use for school libraries (primary) as well as those which My Kids Next Read has alerted us to. It’s great to work in a school library. The ability to pick the subscriptions makes it even better. However, I share some of the articles with Earth Angels.

For more Your Kid’s Next read recommendations check out their list of the best books for kids of all ages, and my best books lists can be found here (just in case you want to gift a book along with a magazine subscription!).

best kids magazines

These are The Top Magazines For Kids

Wacky But True This one is good value for money as there are no ads and 11 issues in a subscription. You’ll find all sorts of interesting articles about history, archaeology, and nature. This magazine is aimed at children aged 8-15. But adults also love this mag. It is clean, fun, and true to its name!

National Geographic Kids magazine is for children aged 6-14 years old. You’ll find all of the amazing stories and stunning images that you expect from National Geographic in bite-sized pieces. National Geographic Kids contains everything that a young, curious mind can need.

I LOVE the adult mag, “Breathe”, and it is so much fun! Be happy. Show courage Be brave. Learn how to Be Kind. Teen Breathe Issue 1 will go on sale starting Thursday 4th January 2018, but orders placed before this date will receive the first issue sooner.

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This magazine is really popular in school. Double Helix Magazine is a science magazine published by CSIRO that’s great for early teens and kids. This magazine is ideal for both males 8-14 year olds. There is eight issues in an annual subscription.

This book is geared towards tweens, and it’s rightly so. Right now, I have a nine-year-old and quickly discovered that THE TWEEN THING IS EXCITING. According to the editor, “Let’s them be girls for awhile longer.” The time of their ‘tweens’ is when they’re beginning to connect with the outside world. Dawnie Rasmussen (Editor Just Kidding Junior) This kid’s magazine is very well-read by the teens at school, as well as some older children who may have forgotten to read it. The magazine was created for children aged 3-6. Although it includes a few brands like Thomas & Friends or Bob the Builder and My Little Pony, Fireman Sam and Barbie, the interaction with parents is delightful. ChickPea loved it when she was “little” (her words). At six, it is obvious that ChickPea has now moved outside their range!

Again, heavy on ‘brands’ but actually it’s a great fun mag and very popular at school. Each issue contains the latest news about music, videos, movies, TV, games, books, animals, puzzles and celeb interviews. Just Kidding does not feature junk food or content of a violent nature which is nice to see in one of the more mainstream magazines. For males and women aged 7-13.

The popularity of this publication is amazing, but pets are a constant favorite. This magazine has got all your canine questions covered, from information about health, nutrition, grooming, behaviour and training to the latest accessories and profiles of the popular dog breeds.

best kids magazines

15 Top Children’s Magazines for Toddlers, Teens & Kids

This guide will help you find the best children’s magazines for your toddler, preschooler, big kid, tween, and older kids!

As a young mom, I used to love to take my children to the library.

Our favorite books would be found on the shelves. We also attended storytimes.

Sometimes we’d explore new areas of the library, which was how we discovered the children’s periodic section on a cold snowy Tuesday.

The hidden book is in the corner of our library. You’ll be amazed at the amount of things you will find once your eyes are trained!

On the first day of our visit, Ladybug Magazine was available for us to check out. Our first day was filled with short stories and poems. We also enjoyed the songs and puzzles.

The magazine shelf was added to the weekly “places to Explore” list.

.Best Kids Magazines

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