Best Cast Iron Skillets

Best Cast Iron Skillets

best cast iron skillets

Best overall: Lodge 12-Inch Cast Iron Skillet

cast iron pans Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Lodge is a giant in the cast iron world, and for good reason. It was founded in 1896 in Tennessee by Joseph Lodge. The company’s cast iron cookware is high quality and inexpensive. American-made castiron skillets can still be found in virtually every size. For most cooks, the company’s standard 12-inch skillet is the everyday essential guaranteed to become a family heirloom. It is large enough to cook whole chickens or multiple steaks simultaneously. The skillet also features an aid handle and a silicone cover that keeps it from overheating up to 500°F. It comes pre-seasoned for a natural, easy release (although seasoning it wouldn’t hurt). Lodge’s pans are Amazon top-sellers with more 75,000 five-star reviews. Users praise the cookware’s heat distribution, versatility, and durability.

best cast iron skillets

Staub 10-Inch Fryingpan: This is best enameled

best cast iron skillets

Best High-End Pick: Le Creuset Signature Iron Handle

cast iron pans Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Few brands inspire loyalty and excitement quite like Le Creuset. French cast iron company Le Creuset is well known for their high-quality products. Their enameled castiron pans prove no different. Each skillet is individually cast using sand molds. Experts inspect each one for quality. The interior of the skillets has a black enamel finish that doesn’t require additional seasoning. The enameled cast-iron skillets are dishwasher safe for easier cleanup. They also retain heat better than other nonstick pans. Le Creuset skillets have a loop-handle handle that makes it easy to lift (even when using oven mitts). For drip-free pouring, there are spouts at both ends. There are many options, from vibrant cherry to chic oyster.

Le Creuset skillets are a favorite of both professional and amateur cooks. Amazon users have rated it with hundreds of five stars, praising its versatility and endurance and stating that the purchase was well worth it. One user commented that while these pans may be costly, they are durable and last forever. “They cook evenly, they are solid, heavy, and I am slowly purchasing a whole set of them.” One second said, “I’ve cooked the best steaks, hamburgers, and eggs in my entire life using this pan.” The cleanup is so easy It’s easy to be converted. We haven’t used any other pans. For as low as $180, has the best value Milo Ultimate skillet cast iron pans. Credit to Kana. With Milo direct-to-retailer brand you can get versatile enameled cookware for a fraction the price of traditional brands. Its Ultimate Skillet can be used at temperatures up to 500 degrees F. Milo pans work with both induction and glass stovetops like all enameled saucepans.

You’ll find tons of happy customers who’ve left reviews on the company’s site, including one who said, “It’s heavy and solid like you would expect from Staub or Le Creuset but it doesn’t cost $250+.” Another said, “I bought it to replace a more costly pan after 35+years.” The first amazing thing is I paid less than 35 years ago and second it is a product of equal quality. Definitely a bargain and I will buy additional items.” To buy: $95 at

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best cast iron skillets

This is the 2021 Best Cast Iron Skillets

best cast iron skillets

Get Quick Results

Get the best everyday cast iron skillet:

The Best Lightweight Cast Iron Skillet:

A cast-iron skillet, which is similar to a hammer, quality mattresses, and at minimum one place where you can sit and read (no not the toilet), is something that almost every house needs. Cast iron takes a little bit more work than the pan made of stainless-steel, but it’s worth it. It can cook a variety of foods, including thicker steaks. The cast iron skillet is also durable and strong enough to withstand a heavy cooking load. Cast iron cookware can be used for years, as long as you don’t abuse it.

You didn’t really have much choice in the matter of purchasing cast iron pans or pots for a very long time. One option was to either inherit an old piece from your grandmother, or go out and buy one. It’s not meant to be a dig at Lodge. America’s casting iron boom in the 1800s and 1900s saw companies such as Griswolds, Wagners and Blacklocks (Lodge before they changed to their current name in 1910), which produced some of the best cast iron cookware ever made. The industry was almost entirely destroyed. Lodge was probably the last remaining domestic cast iron cookingware company by the early 1900s. The modern Lodge pans may not have the beautiful smooth finishes that some of the best vintage cookware has, but they are still solid and reliable.

*Or you frequented antique markets and yard sales for vintage cast iron pieces, then fixed them up yourself following our guide Recently, though, there’s been a cast iron resurgence, and many of the newer brands launched on sites like Kickstarter. The impetus for this cast iron renaissance, if I can call it that, is hard to pin down, but I suspect this last decade’s growing interest in heritage goods combined with crowd-driven financing models like Kickstarter have played their part. This website has been talking about and demystifying castiron for years. I used to think that reviewing cast iron cookware was pointless, considering the sheer number of choices available. The market is completely different today. There are many options on the market, with prices that can vary from below $20 to above $200 for a 10-inch skillet. This does not include the more expensive enameled cast iron such as Le Creuset.

This new cast iron world was explored by me testing 15 cast iron skillets. All were under $200 to see if any newbies offer performance improvements that could justify their price. Since it was one of most practical sizes available, I decided to use 10-inch skillets for my review (or the closest manufacturer-provided measurement). The 10-inch skillets cost less than the 12 inch counterparts. However I did not want to eliminate any brands that were bigger than my 200 limit.

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best cast iron skillets

Our Pick

best cast iron skillets

Lodge Blacklock is The Most Popular Cast-Iron Skillet of 10 Inches: Lodge Blacklock 9

We didn’t expect there to be notable differences between the 12-inch and 10-inch skillets we tested from the same brands, but it turned out that the 10-inch cast-iron skillet from Victoria (our 12-inch winner) had some drawbacks (more on that below). Lodge is our favorite cast-iron legacy brand, and the Blacklock 96 model won the category. It was built to mark the 1896 opening of Lodge.

While the pan has many similarities to the Lodge classic skillet, it is very useful and important. First, it weighs less, cast in what the company calls a “thin design” that weighs 4.6 pounds, compared to the classic’s 5.2 pounds. It’s also easier to maneuver, with a longer, thinner handle and wider helper handle. We found that the Blacklock has a triple-seasoned coating, which produced a stronger natural nonstick layer. This is in contrast to Lodges, which only have one layer. Because the seasoning was more effective at repelling stuck-on food than others, we loved the ease of cleaning the pan. It’s a 10-inch size, and we believe it is one of the best.

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best cast iron skillets

11 The Most Popular Cast Iron Skillets For Instantly Boosting Your Cooking

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Cast iron is not for everyone. Cast iron is one of the most durable cookware materials. Whether you’re searing meat or baking cake, cast iron skillets deliver consistent and reliable results.

As you cook with your skillet, the metal will develop a natural patina often referred to as “seasoning.” This is essentially numerous layers of oil that have been baked onto the metal and will protect the skillet from rust and create a naturally nonstick surface that makes cooking eggs or sticky sauces a breeze. If you wish to maintain the seasoning in your cast iron skillet, use gentle cleaning products.

Lodge’s classic cast iron skillets are a top choice for everyday use.

You can choose from a variety of sizes for your cast iron skillet. The standard sizes for cast iron skillets include 8-10 inches for your everyday use. For larger homes, you might consider a 12-14 inch or 14-inch skillet. Be sure to check that the stovetop is large enough to hold this larger size. Consider the thickness of your pan. It’s not ideal to make sauces in a small skillet.

When you shop you will likely see “enameled iron” which is a metal that has been treated with a hardwearing, non-porous finish. Enameled cast iron can be cleaned more easily than traditional cast iron and is therefore less likely to get scratched. Enamel cast iron can be a more cost-effective choice for beginner cooks who need to keep their pots and pans clean.

These skillets are great for anyone who is new to casting iron, or one that you want to add to your current collection. Every one, regardless of price range or ability to cook for beginners is a worthy addition to your kitchen.

best cast iron skillets

Valor Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

.Best Cast Iron Skillets

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