Best Squirrel Traps That Work

Squirrel infestation is one of the tricky issues you’ll have to solve in your home. These normal animals seem harmless until you find them around your house. Over 50,000 homes in the United Kingdom is known to be infested with the squirrel pest, and ~£20 million damages have been caused. Common damages like chewing on insulation around wires can cause electric damages which may even result to fire outbreak.

Also, squirrels may invade bird nests and disrupt the normal life of other wildlife by scaring off birds, eating your bird food, and destroying the feeders.

You see, Squirrel infestation is quite serious, and one of the best ways of dealing with these home pests is through the use of Squirrel traps.

Maybe you’ve heard scratching sounds, jumping, scampering, and other forms of weird pest sound in your attic and chimney. And you’re looking for the best traps to curb the Squirrel menace in your attic, or you merely want a humane squirrel trap that will help you control squirrel attacks in your garden.

Squirrel Traps

Whatever your reason may be, getting one of the three best squirrel traps is the right way of controlling Squirrel infestation. To save more time and resources, you can buy any one of the three best squirrel traps.


1. AB Pro-Quality Live Animal Humane Trap: AB Pro-Quality Humane Trap

It is designed to help you capture home pests like Squirrels, Chipmunks, and Rats without killing them or causing any form of harm to these little creatures.

Although Squirrels and other kinds of home pests cause nuisance, you can control their activities around your home without inflicting them with harms.

AB Pro-Quality Humane Trap is a recognized product that offers superior trap quality and provides safe ways of curbing the Squirrel and rodent infestation around your home.

With a dimension of 10.5 x 5.5 x 4.5 inch, the AB Pro-Quality Humane Trap does not occupy so much space, making the storage process quite easy. The size also makes it useful as you can quickly mount the trap in the target area.

Aside from its unique size and effectiveness, the AB Pro-Quality Humane Trap is designed to provide a safe capture and control mechanism for home pests and rodents. With the AB Pro-Quality Humane Trap, you won’t have to risk the lives of these little creatures.

Also, the AB Pro-Quality Humane Trap is designed without the use of chemicals, electricity, poisons, sprays, glues, and other types of dangerous materials. And in the case where non-target animals are caught, you’ll safely release them without causing harm.

If you’re searching for a reliable trap that’ll capture squirrels and rodents alive, then the AB Pro-Quality Humane Trap would be an ideal fit. The unique patented locking mechanism is engineered to catch Squirrels without causing death or injury to the creatures.

Furthermore, the AB Pro-Quality Humane Trap poses no threat to children in your home — you can set up the trap without worrying about the safety of your children.

The AB Pro-Quality Humane Trap is easy to set up. You can mount it within seconds, and wait patiently for it to capture your target animal.

What’s more, it is reusable and reliable. The AB Pro-Quality Humane Trap is cost effective — it helps you save more money. When the animal is released, you can reuse the trap. Also, the AB Pro-Quality Humane Trap is designed for both outdoor and indoor use.

So, whether you’re looking for ways of protecting your garden from Squirrels or you want to prevent squirrels and rodents from dwelling in your home, the AB Pro-Quality Humane Trap is designed to help you live a Squirrel and rodent free life. Over the years, several pest control traps have been produced, and these traps tend to inflict injury, harm, and even death to the little creatures in the environment. However, with the use of AB Pro-Quality Humane Trap, you get to safely capture Squirrels and stop them from destroying your garden or dwelling in your home.

On the flip side, the trap comes with a user manual that’s written in Chinese. But the diagrams seem to be of great help.

2. Tomahawk Excluder With One Way Door: Since the 1920s

Tomahawk has been one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor traps for hunters, and a whole lot more outdoor tools like the hooks, paste baits, animal control poles, telescoping syringe poles, cat graspers, bird and animal nests, snake tongs, et cetera.

The Tomahawk Excluder With One Way Door is designed with a heavy duty 16-gauge galvanized wire mesh material. And the trap structure is sturdy to provide the adequate support needed to keep any home pest out.

Also, the Tomahawk is designed in a variety of sizes. So, you get to pick a suitable size that’ll be of great value to you. With the Tomahawk Excluder, Squirrel and other types of rodents will be blocked from returning to their dwelling place.

Here’s how it works — when you identify the dwelling place of the squirrel in home or garden, you’d merely mount the Tomahawk Excluder around the hole or opening. The idea is to allow the Squirrel to launch out to forage, but when it’s time for it to return, the Tomahawk will prevent it from getting into the opening.

So, the squirrel would be forced to leave your home and find a new place to dwell. The idea is pretty basic, but it’s a magical way you’d use to stop squirrels and other rodent types from inhabiting your home. When the rodent rushes out of the one way door and leave, it’ll never return for good. And you can block the opening to prevent future recurrence.

Positioning the Tomahawk Excluder around the dwelling place of Squirrels and small rodents is so easy. With the use of its wings, you’d be able to adjust it to any angle of your choice. And the life of the target animal would not be threatened in any way.

What’s more, the Tomahawk Excluder With One Way Door is cost effective. If you’re looking for a way of avoiding the unnecessary expense that pest exterminators impose on you, then you should consider getting the Tomahawk Excluder.

Furthermore, storage of the Tomahawk Excluder won’t be an issue. The trap comes in a variety of sizes, and you get to choose a size you’d be okay with.

Generally, it’s a high-quality Squirrel and rodent trap that prevents the little creatures from coming back into their dwelling place without posing any danger and harm to them.

There’s no definite flipside of this product, but you’ve got to know the exact size you want and be very comfortable with the material.

3. Havahart 632 Medium 2-Door Safe Release Live Animal Cage Trap

It is designed in such a way that bait is used to capture your target animal as it travels on either direction. It’s designed with a two-door structure that offers a clear path which lures Squirrels and other small rodents into the trap. And for the creature to be caught, it’ll have to step onto a trigger plate.

One striking feature is the patented time-release technology that comes with the trap. When you want to release the trapped animal, you can just set and adjust the timer for 5 minutes, allowing you to move to a safe distance before the creature is unleashed.

With the handsfree release mechanism, newbies and veterans can safely capture and release an animal without making contact with the little creature. Wary and first time owners can avoid the anxiety that comes with releasing a trapped creature — you won’t worry about getting bitten by the creature.

For instance, if you want to release a captured creature and you’re worried about an animal bite or touch, all you’ve got to do is — set the built-in trap timer, unlock the release door latch, and walk out to a safe distance.

Isn’t it pretty simple?

The Havahart 632 Medium 2-Door Cage Trap not only provides safety for you, but it’s also reliable, long-lasting, durable and efficient. The Havahart brand has been known for high-quality standards — and the cage trap provides an efficient trapping mechanism without compromising on the quality.

What’s more, the Havahart 632 Medium 2-Door Cage Trap is designed to withstand severe climatic and environmental conditions. The wire mesh is galvanized to offer maximum resistance against corrosion, rust, and other forms of metal deterioration. It’s also sturdy and can handle any unpredictable behaviors of Squirrels, rodents, and different kinds of home pests.

Unlike dozens of other animal traps that are very cumbersome to transport, the Havahart 632 Medium 2-Door Cage Trap is designed with handle guards and solid doors that protect the user during transportation.

Furthermore, there’s a unique weight adjustment system that let you target creatures of a specific weight range. With this, false alarms/triggers are eliminated, and you’ll capture the exact type of home pest you want.

Although the cage is good at capturing animals without hurting them, your success is partly dependent on the food material you use as bait. For higher chances of success, you’ve got to use a food material that your target animal is attracted to.


All You Need To Know Before You Set A Squirrel Trap

The flying squirrels, grey squirrels, red squirrels, and fox squirrels are the major kinds of squirrels that may infest your environment. The grey squirrel has a knack of infesting residential buildings — they mostly live in the attic during their breeding season.

And although these little creatures may seem harmless, you’ll get a feel for the level of damage they’d cause if allowed to reside in your home. So, to get rid of squirrel for good, you’ve got to know certain things like …

How To Trap A Squirrel: The most effective way of getting rid of squirrels is by trapping these animals. And you can painlessly catch a squirrel by

  • Selecting The Right Trap: Your choice of squirrel trap will be dependent on the size and species of squirrels in your area. Ideally, a squirrel trap can be a 1-Door trap (like the Tomahawk Excluder) or 2-Door trap (like the Havahart Cage Trap).
  • Placing The Trap And Bait In The Right Position: Some of the best places to position your trap can be at the base of the tree or along the passage area of the attic. Also, squirrels feel comfortable in an open field, so you can try placing the trap out in an open area. The bait should be positioned appropriately in such a way that the squirrel won’t steal it away.
  • Flying Squirrel Trap: Flying Squirrels usually live in colonies. And getting rid of them require a different kind of strategy. However, the best way is to make use of flying squirrel trap. First off, you’ve got to investigate the entry and exit point of these flying squirrels, and when you eradicate them, you’ll have to seal the holes up to avoid future recurrence.

The best models of flying squirrel trap are snap traps, one-way exclusion cages, and live traps. Any of these traps would work quite well.

Best Bait For Your Squirrel Trap

Like every other home pest, squirrels feed on a wide variety of food items, and you can quickly capture them with most kinds of foods you have.

However, the best baits for your squirrel trap are peanut butter, nuts, popcorn, sunflower seeds, cereal grains, apples (or oranges), almond extract on bread, and anise oil on bread.

Squirrels have an excellent sense of smell. So, if you don’t want to deter them from your trap, you should wear gloves before placing the bait.

  • Homemade Squirrel Trap: If you fail to get your hands on any of the three best squirrel traps, you can eliminate squirrels from your home by constructing a homemade squirrel trap. To build a homemade squirrel trap, you’ve got to …

– Purchase a plastic tube that’s large enough to contain a squirrel

– Tape or glue a wire mesh to one end of your tube. The wire should be glued firmly to prevent the squirrel from breaking out

– The interior walls of the tube should be coated with cooking oil. By painting the wall with cooking oil, you’d make climbing difficult for the squirrel

– Place some bait into the trap and position it in the right place

– After the trap construction and proper placement, you should monitor the trap carefully to see when your target squirrel is caught.

Eradicate Squirrels From Your Home In A Humane Way

Squirrels are beautiful creatures of nature, and we can prevent them from destroying our gardens and dwelling in our homes in a humane way — no need to kill or exterminate these remarkable creatures.

To curb the infestation of squirrels in your home or garden, you should make use of the best squirrel traps. Alternatively, you can construct a squirrel trap in your home with the use of simple materials.

If you want to tackle squirrel infestation and prevent it’s recurrence for good, any of the three best squirrel traps would come in handy.

Now your turn — Which of the squirrel traps do you love the most? Have you had any terrible experience with squirrels? Share your thoughts with us.

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