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Feature Best Overall for #6 Tuff Trap – Spray Proof Skunk Trap
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#6 Tuff Trap – Spray Proof Skunk Trap


Feature Premium Choice for Professional Humane Live Animal Trap 28″X12″X12″ Catch Release Cage
ratings for Professional Humane Live Animal Trap 28″X12″X12″ Catch Release Cage

Professional Humane Live Animal Trap 28″X12″X12...


Feature Great Value for Havahart 632 Medium 2-Door Safe Release Live Animal Cage Trap for Squirrels, Rabbits, Skunks
ratings for Havahart 632 Medium 2-Door Safe Release Live Animal Cage Trap for Squirrels, Rabbits, Skunks

Havahart 632 Medium 2-Door Safe Release Live An...


Updated on Dec 01, 2019

Skunks are small, furry mammals with white and black stripes. They are well known due to their ability to a spray a liquid with unpleasant smell when threatened. They normally dig holes in your compound when they are searching for food. If you do not keep them away from the compound, they may cause a lot of damage.

For those searching for the best ways to keep these rodents away from the compound, we’ve got you covered. Here we shall cover some of the most effective ways you can use to keep these creatures away. You will also learn how you can release them from a live trap. We shall also review the top three skunks you can find today.

How to Trap a Skunk

One of the most effective ways of trapping a skunk is by use of traps. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to catch these creatures using a trap.

1.Choose a skunk trap

Skunk traps are very different and they come in different sizes. You should look for a live trap which is either medium or large. A good trap should be 28-35 inches long. When using manual or traditional traps, you have to open the door manually to release the skunk. This means you are very close to the door when the skunk is exiting.

2. Select where you want to place the trap

You should place the trap where you have seen the skunk visits frequently. Skunks normally take shelter in areas such as porches, burrows, tree hollows, underneath structures, hollow logs and in brush piles. Once you have identified the area, place the trap on a level place for stability.

3. Bait the skunk trap

For you to bait the skunk trap for a successful catch, what you need to do is to choose a bait that will attract the skunk. Apart from that, you need to place the bait carefully inside the trap. Some of the best baits you should choose are dry cat food, oily meats or bread which is coated with peanut butter.

You can now place the bait in a way that rules the skunk to get inside the trap. Ensure that once the skunk gets inside, it will be easy for it to step on the trigger plate.

4. Set the trap

Since skunks are nocturnal, it is good to set the trap in the evening or at dusk. If you find the cage empty in the morning, you should close it to prevent any untargeted diurnal critters. You can set it again in the evening.

5. Keep checking the trap

Keep checking the trap to ensure that the captured skunk does not stay in the trap for a long time. It may be too frightened and lack of water and food can be dangerous to its health.

6. Get rid of any skunk attractions

After you have removed the skunk, remove any available food and shelter to keep other skunks away from your home. You may take the following steps to make your home unattractive for skunks.

How to Scare Skunks Away Without Getting Sprayed

Here are some of the effective methods you can use to scare skunks away.

  1. Add Light – Skunks always prefer to stay away from highly lit areas. Adding light in your compound is one of the most effective ways you can use to keep rodents such as skunks away.
  2. Remove attractants – Remove any skunk attractions from the compound. Garbage bags, leftover vegetables, pet foods, fruits are some of the skunk attractants that need to be removed. This will also help to keep other rodents away.
  3. Use repellents – Look for the most effective skunk repellents. Use repellents which are made of natural ingredients. These products are usually irritate skunks and once they smell, touch or taste them.
  4. Use motion activated sprinkles – This is a natural way to keep rodents away from your compound. Keep sprinklers around the areas where you suspect rodents such as skunks may use to access your compound.
  5. Seal holes – Removing skunks which are under the house deck is not an easy task. However, you need to ensure that you have sealed any open spaces around these areas. You can use solid metal flash wire to cover the holes.

How to Get a Skunk Out Of a Live Trap

Ensure that you don’t startle the skunk which can make it to spray. Here is what you should do.

Move the trap slowly. You can relocate the skunk for about 10 miles if the laws allow you to do so. You can place an empty garbage bag on the car where the skunk will rest. This prevents any unwanted mess in your car’s interior

Skunk Bait for Live Trap

There are different baits that can be used to trap skunks. These creatures normally depend on their sense of smell when searching for food. This means you should use foods which have a strong scent to lure the creature into the trap. Fish such as tuna and sardines can be used as baits. You can also use sweeter foods as baits. Bread with peanut butter and marshmallows are very effective baits. Meat baits, bacon, beetles, dog food and cat foods are also good baits.

Top 3 Skunk Trap Reviews

#6 Tuff Trap – Spray Proof Skunk Trap Feature

  #6 Tuff Trap – Spray Proof Skunk Trap


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If you are searching for an effective skunk trap, 6 Tuff trap is an excellent choice. One of the best things about it is that it prevents the skunk from spraying when it is inside. It prevents the skunk from scratching its back or lifting the tail. In addition, the trapped creature cannot see outside of the trap. Passer-by and other animals cannot see the trapped animal. This means that it is very easy to transport the trapped animal.

This trap is made from a 6 Inches X 3/16 Inches thick pipe and it is 24 Inches long. It also comes with a 5 years limited warranty. The warranty covers production errors and the normal wear and tear which would cause it not to function as expected.

It is a great trap for Animal Damage Control- ADC and it works perfectly on the garden, around the farm or yard and also under a shed. It features a guillotine door style which enables you to position the trap right up to the hole. The trap can also be used for cats, squirrels, opossum or any other small critter.

Professional Humane Live Animal Trap 28″X12″X12″ Catch Release Cage Feature

  Professional Humane Live Animal Trap 28″X12″X12″ Catch Release Cage


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This one is made from a combination of high quality steel and a rustproof wire mesh to make it durable. It is also galvanized which makes it resistant to corrosion. The doors are made of springs and contain sensitive triggers which enables it to trap the targeted animal securely. Additionally, it features handle guards doors which protects you during transportation. You will also note that it has very smooth edges to protect the caged animal from being injured.

Another thing you should note is that the trigger rod is placed outside to ensure that the trapped animal does not damage it. This trap is the best for large animals and the best thing is that it prevents the caged rodents from escaping. It is sturdy and very easy to assemble.

You can use it to eliminate rodents and other unwanted animals such as moles, feral mother cat, squirrels, creek, voles, possum, coyote, ground hogs, coons, rat weasels and others.

The trap is a collapsible trap that handles creatures in a humane conscious manner. You can place it in different places such as, on the roof, garage apartment, living room, in the woods, patio, garden, lawn, grass, flower bed, front door, attic indoors home accessory and any other place. It is easy to clean and comes with a 3 years warranty.

Havahart 632 Medium 2-Door Safe Release Live Animal Cage Trap for Squirrels, Rabbits, Skunks Feature

  Havahart 632 Medium 2-Door Safe Release Live Animal Cage Trap for Squirrels, Rabbits, Skunks


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The Havahart 632 is one of the most advanced skunk traps you can find on the market. Unlike others, it uses the patented- time-release technology which boosts its efficiency, durability and reliability. It has an outstanding design which creates a clear path from the two ends of the trap. You can simply place it along the path of the animal or against the wall. This allows it to trap the animal as it moves from any direction.

It is designed in such a way that the animal must step on the trigger plate to access the bait. This enables it to trap the animal easily. The best thing about it is that it is long lasting and it is able to withstand harsh climatic conditions and unpredictable animal behavior. Apart from that, it has a one-piece construction and is resistant to rust and corrosion.

You can set the timer for up to 5 minutes and this allows you to be at a safe distance once the cage door opens. Its design allows you to capture and transport the animal easily. The hands free release makes the trap suitable for both first time users and seasoned users. Another thing is that it has a unique mechanism that targets critters with a specific weight range to prevent any false triggers.

Final Verdict

If you were wondering the most effective methods of getting rid of skunks, there you have it! Those are some of the most effective methods you can use. As you can see, it is not hard as many people think. You can scare them away using different methods we have mentioned above or use traps.

All the three traps we have reviewed are very effective and they prevent you from being sprayed by the skunk. What makes these traps to be the most preferred is because they are reliable, affordable, long lasting, and easy to use. Always use the recommended items such as gloves when setting the trap.