Best Mouse Trap – Buy These Humane Quick Killing Pack

Are you faced with a bunch of mouse-guests that are literally sucking the excitement out of your home or business? Are you up to do all you can, to eliminate these destructive creatures? Our guess is that you are now thinking about the available options in terms of mice traps, snap traps, repellents and other less famous methods, which is a welcome thought in its entirety. The usual problem related to getting rid of these creatures is how to go about choosing a method that provides the required effectiveness and efficiency. The purpose of this article is to take you by the hand and walk you through all you should know about the available options, and thus equip you with the tools you need to be successful. We will start with an outlook of why your decision to make a serious effort is justified and then proceed to the available methods of best mouse trap in detail.

Why You Need to Eliminate Mice Once and For All

Rodents come with a host of potential dangers that threaten the very health of humans as well as a myriad of valued possessions. There is a well-established link between mice and an endless number of diseases including Lyme disease, Rat bite fever, Salmonella poisoning, Typhus, Hantavirus fever, Plague and Rickettsia. Aside from the health issues, rodents are surprisingly capable of gnawing through most of your possessions. Whether its leather or metallic material, like electric wires, they have the guts to cause havoc all over the place.

Their potential to devastate every aspect of your home should be a reason strong enough for a prompt response.

How to Get Rid of Mice in the House


Any effective strategy begins with making sure your home is clean. There are two factors that can make any place a perfect place for mouse lodging; clutters and food scraps. Clutters create the best places for hiding and nesting while a portion of the food you put on your tables or in storage areas provide the nourishment. Therefore before you get into mouse traps and repellents, take the necessary steps that ensure you eliminate all the clutters and make sure there are measures in the house to handle the food scraps in such a way that there aren’t any free meals for the mice. However, some situations require extra measures because of the gravity of the problem. You might find yourself in a place where cleanliness alone cannot eliminate the mice problem.

This is where additional measures come in to complement your house cleaning efforts. Major options include mice traps, Mothballs, Poison, and repellents. Let’s look at each method in a bit more detail.

Best Mouse Trap: The Best Way to Kill Mice?

Traps are perhaps the most popular tool used as a step forward in getting rid of a mouse infestation. There are dozens of designs on the market divided into two major types; Snap traps and glue traps. Here are the best mouse trap:

1. Snap Traps mouse trap

Snap traps employ a quick trapping mechanism which is initiated upon contact with the mouse. The mice traps are usually put on a recognized mice passage-way or simply put with a simple lure like a scrape of food placed inside the trap. A number of types exist depending on the snapping mechanism and the material. Common types include the following:

  • Electric mouse traps

Electric traps are one of the cleanest and most efficient mouse traps. As the name suggests, these best mouse traps employ a mechanism that aims at luring the mouse inside the trap followed by electrocution through a high voltage.

  • Plastic snap traps

The snap trap is more like the much familiar wooden mice trap except that they are made of plastic and have a metal lever that snaps to trap the mouse.

  • Plastic enclosed snap trap

As the name suggests, these snap mice traps are made of plastic and are different from the basic plastic trap in the sense that they feature an enclosure which houses the lever. The enclosure makes the snap trap highly effective when trapping mice and compared with the basic trap, it also offers enhanced safety especially when you have children in the home who like to experiment with everything including snap mouse traps.

  • Catch and Release

This type of trap provides a solution for those who would like to make their home mouse-free while avoiding the brutal scenes associated with conventional mice traps. The mouse traps are designed to do nothing more than trapping the mouse which can then be released into the environment way outside the home. The mice trap usually features an enclosure that communicates with the outside through a caged door which is triggered once the mouse is lured by the food inside the trap.

2. Glue Traps: Sticky Mouse Trap pack

Glue traps have a simple mechanism that can be effective when properly applied. These glue traps employ an adhesive material that sticks with the mouse for an easy pick or the sticky formulation may simply immobilize the mouse long enough to starve to death and easily trapping them. Glue traps are also affordable.

Mouse Repellents: A Probable Solution to Keeping Mice Away

Mouse repellents are about keeping the mice away from the house without any physical insults. Their efficacy has been under a lot of scrutiny from most pest control enthusiasts and is generally not accepted for use as a sole remedy for mice. Repellents are best used in conjunction with mice traps. Let’s look at the available types of mice repellents.

  • Peppermint Oil

Peppermint is a natural product that is considered as generally safe for humans but not liked by mice. The oil is applied on cotton balls which are then placed in areas that are identified as mouse portals into your home to prevent the entry. The scent of the repellents decreases with time thereby necessitating reapplication several times within the week. It is relatively safe if you have kids and pets in the home.

  • Mothballs

This is perhaps the most popular of mice repellents. Mothballs are placed in strategic areas within the home and they work by means of a substance called Naphthalene. Naphthalene is a toxic substance which works on red blood cells making them void of the capacity to carry oxygen around the body. This is generally accepted as the mechanism behind the effectiveness of the substances against mice though it is quickly met with a question relating to the normal volumes of Naphthalene in the Mothballs. Most of the criticism comes from the fact that the volume of Naphthalene in the Mothballs isn’t enough as mice generally need amounts equal to the amount humans need for the substance to have any adverse effects. In addition, Mothballs are considered toxic and all necessary measures should be taken to keep them out of reach especially children and pets like cats and dogs in the home.

  • Ultrasonic Repellers

This method uses high-frequency sound waves that are imperceptible to the human ear. The sound waves are thought to be intolerable by the mice hence used in repelling the pest from key areas. Their efficacy in the long term still remains a controversial issue but they are more suitable for short-term use, as the mice can quickly adapt to the sounds or the rodents simply stay in areas which are out of the sound waves range. The pest repellents are relatively safe for children in the house.

Perhaps you are now seriously considering one of your own, let’s plunge forward and take a look at some of the best examples mouse traps and repellents on the market today.

3. Tomcat Mouse Trap, best mouse trap

Tomcat mousetrap is a brand that has imposed an authoritative mark on the Mouse trap industry due to a series of great designs that have performed to people’s expectations. It is considered one of the best mousetrap to buy on the market. This mice trap should be one of their best designs so far thus earning a place on our short review.


In principle, this best mouse traps are an enclosed plastic Snap trap designed to trapping and kill mice in tight areas. The product comes in a white casing that has a bait door in front and a set arm mounted on the side of the casing. In terms of dimensions, the mice trap has a Width, Length and height combination of 2.6×7.8×6.1 inches respectively. The snap trap also features the view indicator which lets you know if the trap has been set successfully. Additionally, the trap comes with Tomcat Mouse attractant which is a special fluid preparation aimed at attracting mice in case you prefer not to use food to lure the pests into the trap.


Let’s start with the positives of this trap product. First of all, the enclosed nature of the snap mouse trap comes with advantages that include enclosed mice traps including enhanced safety for children and pets like cats, no visual access to the dead mice and an overall clean disposal process. Another edge the mice trap provides is that it is simple to set up along with the indicator which ensures that you react in time to get the dead-mouse-mess in its rightful place.

On a negative note, much as the plastic casing of the snap trap provides a lot of safety and containment, the product does not really provide a durable option that can be ideal in highly infested homes requiring daily snapping and baiting.


On this note, we did some research into what current users experience has been like with the best mouse traps through a number of reviews. Based on review scores, the snap mouse trap has a success rate of 50 percent which is good enough considering how it compares with most of the best mouse trap on the market.

4. Victor Mouse Trap, good mice trap

Let’s move forward to consider another prominent mouse trap brand representing some of the earliest brands on the market today. The Victor Mouse Trap provides a simple and yet effective product that rivals some of the best open snap traps on the market.


The mouse trap is an upgrade of the classic snap trap design in the sense that it accommodates a wide plastic trigger plate that is aimed at increasing the chances of catching mice. Like most basic snap traps, the laver of this mouse trap is metallic and is hosted on a wooden board. The simplicity of this mouse trap extends to the overall size which consumes a space no more than 1.5’’x4.3’’x7.3’’ in terms of height, width and length respectively.


This mouse trap features an efficient trapping mechanism that gives an extra edge to the classic snap trap. If you are up for a product with a simplicity that is enough to deter a few mice in the house this can be a good option. Apart from the efficiency, the trap is super easy to set up, virtually taking you no more than 2 minutes to set up before the next catch. Another upper hand the snap trap has is that it does not place restrictions in terms of area of use as it can work effectively both indoors and outdoors.

On the negative side, the snap trap should be used with extra care considering that the mouse may not be the only curious occupants in the house. It presents a genuine health threat to both children and pets like cats and dogs. Another downside is that the build is not as durable as most modern snap traps.


Our research through reviewing more than 300 customer reviews of the mouse traps portrayed a positive response from a wide range of users. The mouse trap seems to have an average rate of more than 70 percent which is quite an impressive feat for any product.

The Best Electric Mouse Traps

Having considered some mechanical snap traps, let’s look at some of their electric cousins that play the trap-and-mouse game with improved efficiency while better embracing the humane and safety principles.

1. PestNoMore Rodent Zapper – electronic mouse trap, rat trap

This rats and mice trap represents one of the most popular electric Snap traps to buy on the market due to the superiority it offers in terms of its feature set. The modern and aesthetic build of the rats and mice trap gives the device an extra edge over most of its competitors.


The Snap trap comes in an all-black, solid build with a dimensional profile of 11.4’’x7’’x5.1’’. The kill mechanism of the rats and mice trap incorporates what is known as the triple shock technology designed to electrocute the mouse almost instantly. Upon successful electrocution of the pest, the mice trap engages a notification light and an alarm that lets you act on the mess in a timely manner. Additionally, the mouse trap can be divided into two chambers, therefore, allowing for enhanced safety as the shock chamber can be isolated for cleaning purposes. The Snap traps package also includes a mains adapter which can serve as an alternative for the batteries.


The mice trap is, without doubt, a great gadget to have in the house especially when the home is highly infested with the rodents. The electrical mechanism of the trap provides a highly efficient system that almost guarantees the mouse’s fate once it gets inside the chamber. Secondly, it should be a great option for those who cannot stand the cruel site of a dead mouse on an open mouse trap. Thirdly, the durable build of the mice trap should be enough to guarantee prolonged use as long as the electrical system is working. Lastly, the trap features both electric and battery options which is crucial as it can be accommodated in places located far from sockets.


The Electric Mouse Trap enjoys a generally positive response from current users so far with over 70 percent of customers reporting a seamless experience with the mouse trap. In short, the actual experience has so far vindicated what the mice trap promises its consumers.

2. P PURNEAT Electronic Rat Trap, bait trap

P Purneat rats and mice trap presents a worthy rival to our previous electric mouse cat trap, boasting of an impressive array of features. Let’s have a moment of appreciation of the product.


The mice trap comes in a rugged all-black design, characteristic of our previous traps solidity. In case you are worried about space issues, the mouse trap will need an area of 8.8”x5.2”x4.5” and weighs no more than 1.45 pounds. The mice trap is capable of instant kills through high voltage duration of 2 minutes upon contact with the rodent. In terms of safety, the mice trap incorporates a secure protective switch in addition to the enclosed voltage area. In case you may be worried about the consumption of electricity, the mice trap utilizes a microelectronic circuit system which guarantees low consumption of electricity. Lastly, the trap adds an extra power option as it can accommodate and use 4 batteries.


In comparison with the Pestnomore Zapper, this mouse trap offers a lot more features compared with products from competitors. A highly efficient kill system, unparalleled safety standards, and enhanced usability warrant our recommendation of the mouse trap.


A feature set of the mice trap that includes what we’ve seen above should come with a lot of expectation and this Snap trap lives beyond it. An above 90 percent performance rate as revealed by our review of 34 customer reviews around the globe is more than satisfactory for any would-be consumer of the product.

The Best Mouse Repellents

Having considered a fair share of mouse traps, let’s take a look at our top pick of mouse repellents in case you are up for something to complement the available mechanical methods.

Peppermint Oil for Mice Spray, mouse bait

This is quite a popular option for those who are looking for something that is utterly humane, safe and environmentally friendly.

Let’s have a look at the key features

The spray features peppermint and spearmint oil which provides a unique smell that helps to keep mice away from the home. In terms of relative percentages, peppermint takes a bigger chunk as it takes about 5 percent whereas Spearmint takes up about 3 percent. This mouse bait is a great combination that provides excellent capability in terms of complimenting the mechanical methods of killing mice. The all-white container features the usual spray mechanism on top of providing for a simple spray in mice infested areas and usual passage-ways. In terms of size, the mouse bait is portable enough to carry around with a negligible weight of 5.6 and dimensions taking space up to 6”x4”x2”.


Considering the potency of the mouse bait used in the spray, it is one of the few sprays on the market that provides an excellent complement to mechanical methods. The spray certainly is a great option for both the strict conservative who can only settle for a completely ‘natural and humane method’ and those who want to cast a permanent spell by employing both the repellent’s and mouse trap’s advantages.

On a negative note, a cruise through numerous customer reviews of the bait revealed some isolated complaints of a rather strong smell from the spray, so it’s prudent to make sure you are comfortable with the smell before engaging on a full spray.


Despite the isolated smell related complaints, the product is busking in an encouraging customer response with an average customer rating of 3.5 out of 5 across the board. Most compliments relate to the sheer efficacy that the product displays in most mice stricken homes who have tried a lot of options to no avail.


To put everything in a nutshell, mice are quite an easy aggressor to get rid of in the home if you have the right tools at your disposal. It all comes down to employing sound principles of hygiene and cleanliness and choosing the most efficient and cost-effective mechanical methods coupled combined with proven repellents. Good luck as you are on your way to a rodent free home!