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Best Bat Repellers – Effective Device

Best Bat Repellers – Effective Device

Feature Cleanrth CB006 Advanced Ultrasonic Bat Repelling System

Cleanrth CB006 Advanced…

Cleanrth CB006 Advanced Ultrasonic Bat Repelling System
Feature ET Pest Control (Bat targeting system)

ET Pest Control (Bat…

ET Pest Control (Bat targeting system)
Feature Cleanrth CIN009 Industrial Electronic Pest Repelling System | Demands Insects, Bats, and Rodents to Flee!

Cleanrth CIN009 Industrial…

Cleanrth CIN009 Industrial Electronic Pest Repelling System | Demands Insects, Bats, and Rodents to Flee!

Bats are the only flying mammals you can find today. However, some species are known to cause rabies which is dangerous to humans and pests. They are not very aggressive but they can bite if manhandled. Bat’s guano is also known to transmit histoplasmos which affects your lungs. Histoplasmos is a fungus that develops in accumulated guano and once inhaled, it can cause serious problems in your body. Bats droppings are not easy to clean and they might cause damage to your floor. Due to these reasons, you should not allow these creatures to reside in your house.

However, getting rid of them may not be an easy task. If you have been wondering how to do this, you need to read this article up to the end. Here we shall reveal the most effective and safest ways you can use to remove bats from the house. We will also guide you on the best bat repellent you can find today.

How do you know you have a bat infestation?

  • Sounds – Bats make a unique sound when doing various activities such as crawling, scratching and squeaking. However, bats are nocturnal which means you are likely to hear those sounds around dusk or dawn.
  • Stains – Bats normally have an entry and exit point which they use when they are moving out to search for food. As they move, they leave an oily residue around the entry points when their fur encounters any part of your house. This means they leave brown and black stains around the entry point which are easy to identify.
  • Guano – These refers to bat’s feces. They are unique and easy to identify. They look like other rodent feces but they have shiny flecks. These flecks are the wings of insects which are consumed by bats. They also break down easily and normally appears in piles around the nest.

Are bats attracted to light?

Bats are nocturnal creatures. This means they will stay in their habitats during the day and move out at night. They are affected by bright light and are not able to see clearly during such circumstances. The main reason why they do not come out during the day is because their predators can easily spot them and since their vision is not clear, predators can easily pick them up.

You should also note that bats are not only affected by daylight but they are also affected by any bright light which includes streetlights. However, some bat species may move towards lamps which emit UV light. This happens because light attracts insects and the bats will move towards light to feed on these insects. However, these bats are able to fly fast unlike the woodland bats which are slow and vulnerable to predation.

Each bat species takes different degrees of light emission. Some species avoid light completely while others are not 100% affected.

How much does it cost to get rid of bats?

The prices of getting rid of bats vary from one method to the other. Bat species will also affect the price since they require different methods of removal. The following are just estimates of bat removal.

• Single bats requires $90 -$300

• Smaller colonies consisting of not more than 50 bats requires $300-$1500

• Large colonies of more than 5 bats requires $1500-$8000

How do you keep bats out of your house?

Getting rid of bats from your house can be a bit challenging but it is something you can do. Below are some of the most effective methods without the use of trapping them that you can use.

  • Turn on lights – Bats normally sleep in areas where there is light. This means once you turn on the lights at night, you are likely to disturb the time they are normally awake time. Due to this, they will tend to move to dark areas.
  • White noise machines – This one is one of the most effective methods you can use. Bats normally rely on hearing and with the white noise being emitted around them, they will try to move out of the area and stay elsewhere.
  • Mothballs – These are very helpful when bats keep on returning to your house. Mothballs contain a chemical known as Naphthalene which is very unpleasant to pests and insects. You can place mothballs around the attics or areas where bats reside and around your house.
  • Phenol – The smell of phenol is very unpleasant to bats. You can purchase white phenol from your nearest supermarket and spray it around the areas where bats reside. You can also sprinkle phenol crystals around those areas. However, phenol is very volatile which means you must spray several times for the smell to be maintained.
  • Repair walls – Your wall or the roof may have some small holes which can be used by bats as entry points. You should know that a bat can even fit in a ½ inch hole. Make sure you repair or seal such entry points
  • Mylar balloons – This is a unique and creative method you can use. When the bat are outside, hang Mylar balloons which are filled with helium around the roost. If possible, let these balloons remain in motion. Bats will be too scared and they will move out.
  • Water spraying – This is a very simple exercise but effective. You just need a long hose pipe and use it to spray the bats during daytime when they are still roosting. If possible, look for motion sensitive sprinklers.
  • Hang aluminum foils – These foils normally produce a chime like sound and bats are very sensitive to that sound. Aluminum materials also reflect light which may also disturb the bats. This technique will be effective when used in the entry points.
  • Sealants – If you want to stop bats from entering your house, you must seal your home. Use reliable netting materials, hardboard and sealant and monitor closely the entry points of these creatures. Once they leave to search for food, seal their entry point and remember to clean the area to remove any bat feces using steel wool or any cleaning material
  • Mirrors – Hang mirrors around the areas where bats are. You can extend some electrical lighting closer to these mirrors. You can also leave a flashlight which should be directed towards the mirrors. When you have turned on the lights, the mirrors will reflect light towards the bats and they will have to move away.
  • Cinnamon – This is another effective bat repellant. You can sprinkle powdered cinnamon around the bat colony. You can also mix finely crushed cinnamon powder with water and then spray around those areas where bats reside. It is a non-toxic ways of removing bats from your house.

You should also note that bats are among the creatures which are considered endangered. There are some laws which are set to protect them and to ensure that they are safe. It is always good to contact a professional to guide you on the best method of getting rid of them without breaking the law.

Top 3 Best Bat Repeller


Cleanrth CB006 Advanced Ultrasonic Bat Repelling System

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This one is very easy to use. All you need to do is to plug it into any 120v outlet. It starts repelling bats electronically through its advanced ultrasonic generating technology. The best thing is that it is very friendly to the environment.

The repellent device contains dual speakers which produce very powerful sounds to create a chaotic environment for bats. The ultrasonic sounds used to repel bats are also free from chemicals and they are very effective in chasing the bats away.

Ultrasonic sound waves usually affect the nervous and auditory system of bats. The speakers produce different varieties of ultrasonic sounds which bats cannot withstand. Additionally, the sounds produced by this device affect the ability of bats to communicate. This is because the sound normally affects their nervous system which drives them away. The best thing is that this device comes with a 1-year warranty.


ET Pest Control (Bat targeting system)

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ET pest control uses a powerful high impact ultrasonic sounds which covers all parts of your house. These sounds are very safe for human beings and also pets. This bat repellers uses two high impact speakers which are designed in a way that enables them to repel against the hearing ranges of bats. You can easily set the frequencies range, adjust pitch and also adjust the output if you want to target specific species. These adjustments are easy to set using the up and down buttons.

The ultrasonic pest deterrent device also uses twin-scanning technology which uses twin speaker positioning to eliminate and repels bats from your house. Unlike other repellents, this one uses TST to send ultrasonic sounds frequencies which enables it to repel better against hindrances on its way.

Additionally, ET pest control features a controllable unit device which enables you to adjust power either for bats or rodents. For bat control, you have to select high range for it to provide the best results. This best repellent device also uses ultrasonic variable sounds, which adjusts the ultrasonic sounds to prevent bats and pests from adjusting to the sound being produced.


Cleanrth CIN009 Industrial Electronic Pest Repelling System | Demands Insects, Bats, and Rodents to Flee!

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This one is another top quality bat repellers device you can find today. It is easy to use and you just connect it to a 120 V outlet. The ultrasonic repellent uses the latest high intensity ultrasonic technology. This ultrasonic repellent device produces electromagnetic waves which goes deeper into the walls of the house. You cannot find any other product with such capabilities. The waves normally cause vibrations that disturb the communication of pests. The sounds also irritate the nervous system of bats which drives them away.

Each speaker uses a unique Turbulent Storm Technique which enables it to produce ultrasonic sounds at different frequencies. This technology ensures that the bats cannot develop any immunity to the sounds. The device also features a targeting switch which enables you to target specific hearing areas of pests, insects and rodents.

This ultrasonic pest repeller also comes with a confusion switch which randomizes the sound pitch to produce unmatched electronic bats control. Apart from that, the ultrasonic repellent is friendly to the environment since it produces ultrasonic sounds which are free from chemicals. These ultrasonic sounds do not affect human beings, cats, birds and dogs. The ultrasonic repellent also comes with a 1-year warranty.

Final verdict

Bats can be very dangerous when you allow them to stay in your house and getting rid of them is not easy. However, we hope that you have learned the most effective ways of getting rid of them. The method of bat removal also depends on various factors such as species and number of bats.

Bats repellents are more effective than other means and they are very easy to use. The three bat deterrents device we have reviewed are quality products and the best thing is that they do not affect human beings and pests in any way. The mentioned pest repeller is also long lasting.

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