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Bedbug Bite Photos, Duration Of Symptoms, What To Do?

Bedbug Bite Photos, Duration Of Symptoms, What To Do?

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Small black dots in bed, restless sleep, red spots on the skin, neck, abdomen or face? You may be a victim of bed bugs How to recognize a bed bug bite? Is it dangerous to the face? What is the duration of the symptoms? The point with the infectious disease Stephane Gayet.

[Updated Monday, May 4, 2020 at 17h05] Cities in France as Marseille, Lille or Paris observe a resurgence of homes and sites infested with bed bugs in recent years. Yet eradicated in 50 years, the little beasts have re places of life and especially love nest on the mattress edges, headboards, sheets or cracks in walls. It is in the dark or at night the bug stings bed: its bite is often painless at the time of the bite, but 1-2 hours later appear itchy and red marks on the skin much like a mosquito bite. How to recognize a bed bug bite? Is it dangerous to the face? What is the duration of the symptoms? How can it not scratch anymore? Focus and advice of an infectious disease.

Definition: what are bed bugs?

The bedbug or bed bug, is the insect species best adapted to human environments. Indeed, they are visible to the naked eye insects, which measure 5 to 8 mm long, but not seen in the day. “When they have infested a house, we do not see them right away: they live hidden in little nests under the floor, under the carpet, in recesses in the walls, sometimes in the mattress … We can not find, and they move very quickly, “begins Stephane Gayet, infectious disease. “These bugs are very primitive: the night when everyone is asleep, they suddenly come out and bite us and suck our blood,” he says. If we do not feel it is because at the time of the sting, they inject their saliva into the wound which has an anesthetic and anticoagulant power. However, bed bugs can cause sleep problems.

Why the bug stings bed?

Bedbugs feed on human blood, that’s why it stings the men. Through her saliva, she injects analgesics, anticoagulants and vasodilators thereby facilitating the sting. They bite only at night.

Can be stung multiple times?

The bites usually come in three or four on the same area of ​​skin and often on uncovered areas of the body (arm, leg, back). They appear grouped manner or aligned. In addition, a bed bug that was disturbed during his sting will sting again.

Photo: how to recognize a bed bug bite?

Bedbug Bite Photos, Duration Of Symptoms, What To Do?

Bed bugs bites can be mistaken for mosquito bites: “They look like bloody red bumps that may itch, but are usually painless,” describes the specialist. In general, all bites are grouped in one place. In people who are allergic to histamine, a substance released by bed bugs, they can cause unbearable itching, inflammation or edema, or breathing problems. If nothing is done, the bugs will multiply and there will be more and more bites.

Causes: what are due bedbugs?

In principle, it comes in our home, it is necessary that there is poor maintenance. “Indeed, the presence of bed bugs reveals a maintenance problem,” says the specialist. But they can also be made: bedbugs can travel in suitcases over very long distances by hiding in our clothes, then invade our home. “So be careful when you lodge in a hotel or Airbnb,” recommends the expert. Some countries have recognized bedbug infestations, like the United States and Canada, and because of many travelers, bed bugs are spreading more and more in France.

“By dint of scratching, one can have a staph infection”

What risks of disease after a bite of bed bugs?

It is recognized that bedbugs are not effective transmitters of viruses, and no disease is not directly connected to them. The biggest problem is not the transmission of disease, but the risk of infections: “By dint of scratching, one can have a staph infection, for example,” explains infectious disease. In case of allergies, consult your doctor to get a prescription cream or antihistamines.

Black dots in the bed, restless sleep and bloody bites are 3 signs to recognize.

What risks in pregnant women?

Bed bugs do not transmit disease, there is a priori no risk. Nevertheless, we must disinfect the bite and especially not to scratch.

The treatments in case of bed bug bites

“No special treatment for humans is specified against the bed bug bites, says Tina gereral, Pharmacist. It is important to clean the wound and prevent scratching to limit the risk of infection.” In contrast, treatment of the environment is essential to stop their proliferation, and eradicate their presence in the home. bed linen, clothes should be vacuumed, washed at high temperature (60 ° or more) and the mattress, curtains carpets cleaned with steam at greater than 120 °. Conversely, when possible, freeze the assets (including small children comforters) for 72 hours at -20 ° C. Bedbugs are not resistant to extreme temperatures, “the pharmacist recommends.

“Obviously, we must disinfect all bites when we got stung,” recommends the expert. Then you have to change the sheets, see if we can not see droppings on the sheets under the mattress or under the mattress, to identify the infection. If it is certain that these bed bugs, treat housing. Specialized companies can intervene and use toxic sprays or fumigants.

Precautions to avoid bed bugs

First, you need a good maintenance of its housing. Then, while traveling abroad, be careful not to bring bed bugs home. Signs can alert us to the presence of bedbugs in a hotel: black spots in the bed, restless sleep and bloody bites on our body are the three signs to recognize.

Thank you to Tina gereral, pharmacist and Stephane Gayet, infectious disease.

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