Stop Selling Alcohol?

Stop Selling Alcohol? (Guide)

Know when Walmart will stop selling alcohol in its stores? Walmart has a lot of products that you can purchase, but alcohol sales are restricted.

  • You may find it difficult to recall all of the rules for selling alcohol at Walmart stores in Canada and the US. This guide will help you to make sure that you remember them!
  • Stop Selling Alcohol? (Guide)

    What Time Does Walmart Selling Alcohol In 2022?

    The time in which Walmart starts and stops selling alcohol depends on your state and county. Many Walmarts sell alcohol at 8 am to 2 am. Customers can search for their zip code on to see the times in which their local Walmart starts/stops selling alcohol.

  • You can read on to discover more about Walmart’s times and states.
  • How Soon Does Walmart Quit Selling Alcohol on Sunday & Other Day?

    There are many people who don’t know when Walmart will stop selling alcohol Sundays. As such, Walmart won’t allow you to purchase alcohol at Walmart on Sundays.

    To preserve Sunday worship, the government heavily regulates sales of Sundays since prohibition.

    In many parts of the country, alcohol sales are generally held on Sundays to comply with religious or societal norms.

    Sales are generally open after noon in Southern US states, although there is no Sunday sale requirement. The following states also sell alcohol at Walmart during these times:

  • Delaware (12 pm-8 pm)
  • Indiana (12 pm-8 pm)
  • Iowa (12 pm-8 pm)
  • Kansas (12 pm-11 pm)
  • Kentucky (1 pm-2 am)
  • Michigan (12 pm-2 am)
  • Nebraska (12 pm-1 am)
  • New Mexico (12 pm-12 am)
  • New York (12 pm-9 pm).
  • North Carolina (12 pm-9pm)
  • Texas (12 pm-12 am)
  • West Virginia 1 pm – 2 am. Beer and wine.
  • The following states have no Sunday alcohol sales:

  • Alabama: Certain counties in Alabama prohibit Sunday sales of alcoholic beverages
  • Louisiana: Certain counties prohibit alcohol sales Sundays
  • Maryland (Garrett county and Baltimore County prohibit the sale alcoholic beverages on Sunday).
  • Mississippi (no alcohol sales on Sunday in the state)
  • New Jersey (certain counties ban the sale of alcoholic beverages on Sunday).
  • Oklahoma (sans Sunday sales in Oklahoma)
  • South Carolina has many restrictions regarding Sunday alcohol sales
  • Tennessee (vintage and liquor sales in Tennessee are strictly restricted Sunday)
  • Utah (no Sunday sales)
  • Rest of the US states have alcohol that can be purchased early on Sunday morning or any day during the week.

  • Alaska 6 am-2 am every day of the week
  • Arizona, 6am-2am every day of each week
  • Arkansas: 7 am-1am, though some counties have restrictions or are not open.
  • California (6 am-2 am any day of the week)
  • Colorado, 8 am-12: am on any given day of each week
  • Connecticut (open from 8 am to 6 pm every day of the week).
  • District of Columbia 9 am-12 am every day of the week
  • Florida: 7 am-12 am on any given day of the Week
  • Hawaii: 6 am-12 am on any given day of week
  • Idaho 6 am-1 am on any day of week
  • Illinois (varies depending on city guidelines)
  • Maine (Monday through Friday, 9 am-1 am)
  • Massachusetts (10 am-11 pm any day of the week)
  • Minnesota (11 a.m.-6 p.m. any day of each week)
  • Missouri (Monday through Friday, 9 am-12 pm)
  • Montana (10 am-8 pm any day of the week)
  • Nevada (24-hour alcohol sales seven days a week)
  • New Hampshire: 6:45 am-11.45 pm every day of each week
  • Ohio (5:30 am-1am any day of a week)
  • Oregon (8 am-2:30 am on any given day of the Week)
  • Pennsylvania, open from 11 am to 7 pm on any given day of the Week
  • Rhode Island (10 am-6 pm any day of the week)
  • South Dakota (7:00 am to 2:00 am every day of the week).
  • Tennessee: 8 am-11pm on any given day, except for wine or liquor
  • Vermont, 8 am-10pm any day of each week
  • Virginia (open from 6 am to 12 am every day of the week).
  • Washington (6:00 am to 2:00 am every day of the week).
  • Wisconsin (6:00 am to 9:00 pm for liquor; 6am to 12:00 am for beer or wine, any day of week).
  • Wyoming (open from 6 am to 2 am every day of the week).
  • Stop Selling Alcohol? (Guide)

    Can I Buy Liquor At Walmart In Texas?

    Many Texans are shocked when they discover that they can buy their favorite alcoholic beverages at Walmart.

    Before you go out and buy alcohol, however, be aware of the restrictions.

    Walmart customers living within Texas may find an alcohol-sales guideline in Texas on the Texas Alcohol And Beverage Commission’s website.

    Establishments with it are allowed to offer alcohol at the following times:

  • Monday to Friday 7 am – Midnight
  • Saturday (7 am -1 am)
  • Sunday (noon-midnight).
  • Furthermore, establishments that hold a wine or beer license cannot sell beverages with more than 17% alcohol per volume Sunday after 10 PM or any day other than Monday.

    Walmart may sell alcohol beverages but it is limited in its sale of wine and beer since they only have a wine and beer license.

    What Time Does Walmart Stop Selling Alcohol In Oklahoma?

    Oklahoma used to have a law restricting the sale of alcohol that was refrigerated. Now seven days a week, you can buy beer and wine at grocery stores from 6 am-2 am.

    But, if you want to buy harder alcoholic beverages from liquor stores, you better make it there before midnight as the hours to purchase drinks from liquor stores are between 8 am, and 12 am.

    Stop Selling Alcohol? (Guide)

    At what point does Walmart cease selling alcohol to Indiana residents?

    Indiana is similar to Oklahoma in that it has long held onto the prohibition-era law which prohibited cold alcoholic drinks.

    Indiana is the only state that has ever repealed this law, and allows alcohol sales between 12pm-8pm, seven days per week.

    Also, another interesting fact about Indiana is that they’re one of only 26 states that allow grocery stores to sell hard liquor.

    Furthermore, the other states with the same law in place include:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • South Dakota
  • Vermont
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming
  • When does Walmart stop selling alcohol in California?

    California residents can purchase alcohol from Walmart between 6am and 2 am.

    Stop Selling Alcohol? (Guide)

    At what point does Walmart cease selling alcohol in Ohio

    Many Ohio counties can’t legally sell alcohol in their county borders.

    In New Albany, and other parts of Adams County, alcohol cannot be sold in the public. In all other regions, however, it is possible to buy alcohol between 5:30 AM and 1 AM.

    What Time Does Walmart Stop Selling Alcohol In Virginia?

    Retail stores in Virginia can sell alcoholic beverages from 6 am-12 am Monday through Sunday.

    Stop Selling Alcohol? (Guide)

    At what point does Walmart cease selling alcohol in Utah

    While you may think a state as deeply associated with religion as Utah would have extremely strict regulations on alcohol.

    The state does allow beer and wine with less than 5% alcohol per volume to be sold in grocery stores every day between 11:01 am and 1 am, except Sunday.

    Is Walmart going to stop selling alcohol in Florida at any time?

    Florida does have an open window where alcohol can be purchased (7 am-12am seven days a weeks), however, you will be shocked to find out that there is a limit to how much alcohol you can buy in one go.

    That said, state regulations only allow you to purchase 32 ounces at once.

    Stop Selling Alcohol? (Guide)

    Do You Have the Right to Purchase Alcohol at Walmart on Election Day

    Election Day in certain countries is frowned upon by some nations. This sentiment was once shared by the United States.

    However, alcohol sales are now allowed on Election Day as per 2014 laws.

    What is the best way to get alcohol at Walmart during holidays?

    Holiday season is a time when many people gather and celebrate with alcoholic drinks.

    It used to be illegal in Tennessee to sell alcohol on holiday. However, now you can have alcoholic drinks at your New Year, Fourth Of July, or Memorial Day parties.

    Try to make your purchases a few weeks before Thanksgiving or Christmas as there is still a ban on these holidays.

    Walmart’s Alcohol Policy

    Walmart stores also carry a range of alcoholic beverages.

    While many stores are open 24 hours a day, alcohol sales can only be done during limited hours.

    Walmart says that you can buy alcohol in the majority of areas within the United States or Ontario (Canada) on any day of week.

    There are also local and state laws that impact the sale of alcohol at retail shops in different areas.

    Stop Selling Alcohol? (Guide)

    What Type Of Alcohol Does Walmart Sell?

    Walmart is not considered a retail store but a superstore. This means that you should expect to see hard liquor there.

    Some Walmart stores still carry hard liquor. This depends on the store’s location. Walmart sells many varieties of hard liquor at its stores.

  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Spirits include wine coolers and malt liquor, as well as lemonade/flavored drink.
  • Are You able to Buy Alcohol Online from Walmart

    If you’re of legal drinking age (21 years or older in the US), Walmart allows you to purchase alcoholic beverages via the website or Walmart app.

    Online orders that contain alcoholic beverages must adhere to several guidelines.

    For example, before you can schedule a delivery or pickup, the Walmart customer must agree to the online Alcohol Disclosure.

    Additionally, Walmart Alcohol Disclosure says that:

    You need to provide a signature, confirm that you are over 21, and present a valid government ID at pick up or delivery (forms of ID include driver’s license, US Immigration cards, passports, military ID, Tribal ID, and state-issued ID cards).

    Alcohol sales are not eligible to use coupons, discounts, or and other outside sales promotions. These sales are not exempt from tax.

    A customer cannot buy more then 20 gallons any mix of alcoholic beverages simultaneously.

    The driver will refuse to deliver if they suspect the customer has been intoxicated.

    Stop Selling Alcohol? (Guide)

    Are You Looking for the Latest Walmart Alcohol Deals?

    If you work odd hours, you are used to the missing cutoff for alcohol sales at bars or open hours for many retail locations.

  • However, many Walmart locations allow you to purchase alcoholic drinks at night or in the morning.
  • For more information about Walmart, please visit our post on Walmart’s Alcohol Policy. This covers whether you can purchase alcohol using a Walmart Gift Card and if Walmart actually sells alcohol.

  • Conclusion
  • Walmart doesn’t have an alcohol policy that dictates when sales should be stopped. This can lead to confusion for customers who move to or visit new locations.

    For more information, visit the website of the Alcohol and Beverage Commission in each state.

    .Stop Selling Alcohol? (Guide)

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