Month: December 2017

How To Get Rid Of Racoons

Racoons can be a huge issue for those who are encountering these dangerous animals. Racoons are not only a pest and burden but are dangerous creatures because of many traits they possess. ¬†Feces is a huge problem associated with Racoons because many racoons carry worms, particularly round worms. These round worms associated with the racoon can cause nervous system issues and even death. Many diseases are associated with racoons such as rabies, salmonella, and giardiasis.   Racoons are also known for their destruction as well. Wherever racoons go, there will be destructions. The reputation that racoons have is wrecking insulation, especially in attics. The males are known for flattening the insulation while the females who if are pregnant will clear and make a nesting area for their upcoming young. This makes it easier for the racoon but makes it extremely expensive and irritating to us, especially because during the clearing process, walls, wiring, and roofs could be damaged. Not only are racoons destructive and dangerous, they are pests. Racoons are not quiet animals that care about the noise, they are very loud and you know when they appear. Whether it be tipping trashcans or nesting in your attic, you will know when they are present because of their noises.   Where do Racoons Hide Racoons are very intelligent animals that are known as nocturnal. These animals are more active...

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How To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants

How To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants Ants are probably the most common creatures that are found in forests, gardens, yards and even houses. They form colonies and often enter your kitchen by searching for water and food. There are many varieties of them, and one of them is a sugar ant that is categorized in three types: little black ants, Pharaoh and Pavement. They received their name because of their attraction to sweet stuff, even though can also eat fatty food and bread. It is quite difficult to describe a typical appearance of sugar ants because they do not look alike. Their size is between 2 and 15 mm, and colors vary from deep black to orange-brown. Sugar ants are especially active in spring time, and they are able to take over an area in your house very quickly. If your home was ever invaded by these critters, you definitely know how annoying it is and have probably tried already many different methods to eradicate them. For those who still wonder how to get rid of sugar ants quickly and effectively we have created this guide with some useful tips and recommendations. Figure out how ants enter your house Before you start addressing your problem with ants, your primary and the most important task is to find out how they actually enter your home. There are many different...

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